Thursday, November 13, 2008

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons!

I have fallen in love with button jewelry! I love button bracelets in particular, but have been making earrings too. They are as fun to create as they are to wear. Here are some things that I've made with buttons.

All of these, and a few others, can be found at my shop But, if you want to make some for yourself, I'm gonna tell ya how. The best part about button jewelry is that buttons come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can achieve many different looks with the same simple technique.

First, get your supplies. For a button charm bracelet you'll need: buttons (of course), pre-assembled chain bracelet, jump rings (size needed to fit through button holes), pliers.

The chain bracelet can be found at your local craft store with the jewelry making supplies. They already have a clasp attached and save you an extra step. The jump rings are also sold with the jewelry making supplies, and come in several different sizes. I just kinda eye ball it on the size, and this will vary depending on the size of your buttons. The diameter of the jump ring should be wider than the distance from one button hole to the outer edge of the button. I use chain nose and bent nose pliers to open my jump rings. If you are new to jewelry making and plan to keep up this hobby, I recommend you get a set of pliers. I got a five piece set for about $10 at Joann's, and they are still working fine a year later. If you only plan to make this one piece of jewelry, however, you can use regular needle nose pliers.

Finally, making the bracelet! Use your pliers to open a jump ring. Do this by gently twisting the jump ring open. Do not pull the ends away from each other.
Next, pick out a button and slip the jump ring through one of the button holes.
Then, put the jump ring through a link in your bracelet chain and twist the jump ring closed. Add as many or as few buttons as you like in the same way, and your done!

Wow, it took me longer to explain the supplies than the actual process. Sorry for the lack of pictures. Next time I make a piece I'll try to remember to take pictures of each step. Thanks for reading, and I hope I inspired you to get creative!

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