Monday, December 29, 2008

My Christmas Dress

I made this dress a few weeks before Christmas, but couldn't get a picture until on Christmas. It's another button down dress, but it's a little different than my last one. This time I kept the sleeves and the collar. I hadn't planned on doing it this way, but I really liked the idea of not making matching bias tape again!

I also wanted sleeves in case it was cold, which of course it wasn't. :) The sleeves were a bit of work. Since the shirts were xxl I had to take in the sleeve while still keeping the cuffs. I also shortened them. I like 3/4 length sleeves better anyway, but the cuffs were way to big for my puny little wrist. They fit great further up my arm though. I also pleated the sleeves just a little at the top so that they are just slightly puffed. I don't like sleeves to be too puffy. Anyway, enough of my rambling! Let me show it off.

Please excuse my dumb expression, I take pictures about like Chandler from Friends. Well, maybe not THAT bad! lol Yeah, I still randomly remember funny things from Friends that make me laugh. I'm kinda sporadic like that.

Anyway, as for the dress, I did the pin-tucks all the way around the waist again. I think it's a nice way to make a dress fitted. Also, I learned how to do them right this time. When I first started I would back stitch at the end to secure my stitches, which I knew didn't look right. I found out that you pull the threads to the back of you work and tie them in a knot. It looks so much nicer that way!

I had really wanted some gray knit tights to wear with it, but that never happened. I looked at a ton of stores before finally finding some on Christmas Eve. Of course, they didn't fit. So I had to wear uncomfortable hose all day. It wasn't too bad though.

The girls were dressed up too, and were so adorable! I'd love to show off their pics to you all, but Jason, my hubby doesn't like me to post their pics online. I can't really blame him with all the weirdos in the world, but it's not like people don't see them all the time when we go to town. I guess he just doesn't want their pics floating around in cyberspace for anybody to see. Which now that I write it, makes a lot of sense. Well, here I am rambling again. I better go and finish cleaning the house. It's a real mess from Christmas!

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