Monday, December 21, 2009

Mario Themed Onsies

I finally got a picture of one of the presents I made. It's actually two, but they're both for my cousin's baby.

I cross stitched the patterns onto the onsies using waste canvas on the back. I had been wanting to try the stuff for a long time, and this was a perfect opportunity to give it a shot. I am very pleased with the results! The waste canvas made it much easier to cross stitch the knit fabric. I never could have done this without it!

I used fusible interfacing on the back of the stitching to protect the stitches. I thought for a minute that I had ruined the mushroom one. When I ironed the interfacing onto the back, my wooden ironing board stained the onsie in a few places. I dabbed the spots with a little vinegar and rinsed with water. The spots came right out! I will now be making a cover for my mini ironing board, though. I don't want that happening again!

I can't take pics of the other gifts until Christmas, because I already wrapped them. But that's ok, I'll get pics of the recipients modeling them instead!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home Made Chocolate Milk

On a dreary, rainy day what could be better than chocolate milk! Okay, so not really, but that's just what Becca-Lynn wanted when she got home from school on a day just like that this week. Luckily, I keep a small homemade chocolate milk mix ready and waiting. It's super easy (and super cheap!), so I thought I'd share how to make it!

Besides being cheap and easy, I like this recipe because I know what's in it. No corn syrup, or artificial anything. Plus, you can make this one serving at a time or a whole batch to keep for later.

What you'll need:
cocoa powder

For a single serving, about 16 oz., put 1 teaspoon of cocoa and 2 teaspoons of sugar in an empty glass. Next, run your tap water until it gets really hot, and add about 1/2-1 teaspoon of hot water and stir. The trick is to get all of the sugar and cocoa moist, like a thin paste or syrup, but NOT RUNNY. I would start out with a 1/2 teaspoon and add a little at a time until it's right. Now fill the glass with milk and stir!

I prefer to make a large batch of the mix to keep around. This is also good because you can better customize how much mix is in your drink. The rule is always one part cocoa to two parts sugar. So you can make as much or as little as you like. I usually do 1/2 cup cocoa to 1 cup sugar so we have plenty around. You would then use 3 teaspoons of mix for a 16 oz. glass and add the water as before. If you like your chocolate milk richer, use more mix. If you are making a small glass, use less. It's that easy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bella Pants

These pants have been on my mind since the first time I saw them on Burda Style's website. That was quite a while ago, but I eventually bought the pattern, eventually got some printer paper, and ink, and tape... You get the picture! Anyway, they have finally come to be and I am very pleased to finally show them off!

I made them with light weight denim and decided to construct them as much like traditional jeans as possible. They have flat felled seams on the inner and outer leg as well as the crotch, and all the top-stitching is done with jean thread. I also used traditional jean buttons on the fly.

I was skeptical of the pleated pockets, but am really happy with the way they came out. The only problem I have is that the back puckers a bit. I had to make the jeans in size 40 (European) so that they would fit my hips, but my waist is a size 38, so I had to take in the waist sections to fit. It came out better than I had expected, though, so a little puckering is fine with me. Besides, I'd have never gotten a fit like this from off the rack clothing!

Oh, and another plus, I got to buy a new pair of heels to wear with them! I had a bit of trouble getting my little one to let me photograph them. Here she is counting the buttons in one. lol I love this picture!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I got back from vacation to find out I had been chosen as a runner up in the swimsuit cover up contest!!! I am very excited! I never win anything, so this is an awesome feeling.

So, I will finally have a real dress form of my very own. I have been wanting one for so long, it hasn't sunk in yet that I will really be getting one. Oh yeah, here is the link to the announcement. My entry was the strawberry cover-up (from my last post).

I wish I had hung something behind it to hide my messy room. Apparently that didn't matter, but it bugs me. Oh well. Here are the detail pics of my other entry that I didn't include in my last post.

I expected my first post back from vacation to be about our vacation, but I had to share this exciting news. We had a great time at the beach, though. I regretfully didn't take any pictures until we went to the aquarium. I kept forgetting my camera, and honestly, sand got all over everything, so it's probably best I did forget it.

Becca-Lynn hasn't been to the beach since she was two and didn't remember it, and Meadow had never been, so I glad they got a chance to see it. The sad thing is, we only live 2 hours from the beach, so we should've been before now. The hotel cost are just too much for out budget though. We were very fortunate to be able to go this year. Becca-Lynn really loved it once she got over her initial fears, but Meadow wanted nothing to do with the water. The waves were really rough while we were there though, so it's probably a blessing she wasn't eager to get in the water.

My best friend, Brandy, and her boyfriend went too. It was really great to spend time with her. She moved 3 hours away a few years ago, and we don't get to see each other like we would like. We grew up two houses apart from each other, so the move was a big change. We still talk on the phone constantly though. In fact, she's about the only person I can stand to be on the phone with for more than about 5 minutes.

I am not a phone person. I don't even have a cell phone. Not because I'm cheap (which I am) but because I don't want people calling me all the time. It's hard enough to go to town with two kids without a phone ringing, and there ain't no way I'm gonna talk on one while I'm driving. I also think it's rude to be on a phone in a public place. I'm not that bothered when other people do it (to a point), I just can't bring myself to do it. I got way off track there, sorry. I have a tendency to ramble.

Hope every one is having a good weekend!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Been Busy

I feel like every time I write a new post I apologise for not writing recently. This is no exception. lol Even now I can't post anything too long. We're leaving to go to the beach tomorrow, so I have a lot to do today.

I do want to show off my other two entries for the bathing suit cover up contest. Here are the pics, and I'll go into more detail about them when I get back from vacation.

I'll post better pics showing the details when I get back too.

Besides sewing, another reason I haven't posted in a while is that I got sucked into a really good book, a trilogy actually. A friend of my husband's got me hooked on Dragon Lance (yes, I know I'm a dork lol). I finished the first trilogy in the series, The Chronicles, a few days ago. It was really good. I can't wait to start the next books! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think the story is just as good as the Lord of the Rings (again, I'm a dork), and I didn't think you could get much better than that.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fourth of July Outfits

I have had this navy blue fabric with white stars on it for ages. I knew I would use it eventually to make the girls something patriotic. Recently I was given some red material and knew that I could use the two together. Unfortunately I waited until two days before the Independence Day celebration to start on them, and was up late at the last minute finishing them. I wasn't entirely happy with Meadow's, but at that late hour it had to do.

I made them both from the pattern I drafted for Meadow's Easter dress. I widened the bottom to fix the fit problem I had with the Easter dress, and after completing Meadows round neck dress, I decided to make Becca-Lynn's top with bias tape instead. Becca-Lynn's top went wonky in the picture, but it has one pleat in the center under the bias tape.

I may never make another round neck anything after this. I had enough trouble with the round neck shirt I made myself a while back, but this was even worse. If you could see it close up you would see all the little loose threads sticking out from where I clipped the curves too close and this loosely woven material wanted to unravel. I had no problems on her Easter dress, but somehow I have gotten terrible at curves. Maybe if I would actually buy pinking shears to clip the curves it would help. Can you believe I sew and don't own pinking shears?

I did come up with a quick way to hem while working on Becca-Lynn's top. Since her's didn't have as much red as Meadow's, I decided to bind it in red on the bottom. Instead of making more bias tape, which isn't necessary since it is a straight hem, I just cut a strip along the selvege edge of the fabric.

I lined up the cut edge of my strip with the bottom edge of the shirt, right sides together, and sewed it down with about a 5/8 seam, making sure to fold the strip end to the inside at the beginning and overlapping the ends a little at the end. Then I just folded my strip over the hem and top stitched everything in place. Since the selvege edge went to the inside, I didn't have to press the edge under before sewing it down. It made things go a lot quicker. I hope that made sense, I'm not always too good at explaining things without being able to show them, and I never think to take pictures while sewing.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bathing Suit Cover Up

Singer and Craft magazine are having another contest! It's a bathing suit cover up contest on Flickr. The winner will get a new Singer sewing machine and have their cover up featured in a Singer advertisement, and three runners up will get a Singer dress form and a $25 Maker Shed gift certificate. Again, I am hoping to be a runner up and win a dress form, but it would be awesome to win first place too! If you're interested in entering you can read all about the contest here. The deadline is July 16th, so don't wait too long.

I entered mine today. I might try to make a couple more to enter too. They said today that you can enter up to three different cover ups. I don't know if I can come up with another one though.

Here's what I came up with.

I used a white dress shirt because of how light and airy the material is. I wanted something that I could cover up with, but still stay nice and cool. I also wanted it to be loose, since I would be throwing it on over a wet bathing suit. I am very happy with the way it came out! Even if I don't win I know I will enjoy wearing this.

The neckline, straps, and armholes are all done with a hand rolled hem. This is the first time I've done a rolled hem, and I'm surprised at how well it came out. I'm gonna have to use that technique more often now that I know how. All around the top I did two rows of shirring for the gathers. Here's a closeup of the top.

I like using the shirring to ruffle the top. I imagine this would work on any too big top, but I'm definitely going to try it and find out. This was a men's XXL, and after shirring it fits me, a medium, pretty well. I did have to bring in the sides a bit, but the width at the top was not changed before shirring.

It's really neat how a contest can encourage you to learn new skills, and try new things. I wish I could do this more often.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Placemat Purse

Place mat purses are not a new idea. I have seen them all over the internet for quite some time. I think they are a great idea, but rarely see place mats that I want to turn into a purse. Nevertheless, I always keep an eye out for them just in case.

I was in Dollar General the other day and I finally saw some place mats that were just begging to become a purse. I got them and here is what I came up with.

I know it looks like the handles aren't centered, but they really are. The one side caves in (because I was lazy and didn't press the seams) so it looks wonky in the pic. I absolutely love it though. I usually use purses with shoulder straps, so it's been a little weird getting used to holding it. The handles are roomy enough that I can throw it on my shoulder if I have to, which happens a lot when trying to get in and out of a store with two kids.

What was really surprising is that I got compliments on it. I rarely get compliments from strangers on things I make. I got two in one day! The lady working at the local Hallmark loved it, and even said that if I could make one with shoulder straps she would buy it. She even called her co-worker over to see it. They are surrounded by cute stuff in that store, so coming from her it really meant something. At the grocery store the cashier commented on it too. (I do know the cashier, but not very well, and she had no idea I had made it, so it still counts! lol)

I hope I can get a couple more of the place mats, my mama wants me to make her one too!

If you'd like to learn how to make a place mat purse of your own you can check out the tutorials on craftster here and here. For the complete purse, bags, and wallets tutorial list, which I highly recommend, go here.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Shirt and Other Ramblings

Hey y'all! I have found a problem with my dress form. My mama was saying the other day how "well endowed" it is, and I assured her that the chest measurement was the same as mine. It took me until the next day to realize that even though the measurement is the same, the proportions ain't. Yeah, I should've been the first to realize that. I mean, I don't have boobs that big. I really should've noticed when I put my new shirt on her and there was cleavage showing. That certainly didn't happen when I tried it on!

Anyway, that's what this post is supposed to be about, my new shirt! Here are the pics:

Yeah, see the cleavage I'm talking about. I'm actually glad it doesn't fit me that way. It is a little big on me though. I used Simplicity pattern 0642 to make it, and apparently their sizes are just a little off. I made it in a small for which the bust measurement is 32 1/2" -34". I'm 34" with a thick bra, but even wearing that bra it is still a little looser than I wanted.

Also, the collar doesn't lie completely flat, which bugs me, but that is entirely my own fault. I didn't use interfacing as I didn't have any and was too impatient to wait for the next time I could go to Joann's. It's not too bad though, I can deal with it.

The flower material I used was a vintage bed sheet that I fell in love with at the church yard sale. I think I only gave $1 for it, and there is still a good bit of material left from it. I can't wait to wear this thing, I just have to get a strapless bra first.

I was really surprised at how much trouble I had putting this thing together. I made a dress with a similar collar for my daughter back at Easter and had no problem, but following the directions that came with the pattern just didn't work well for me. I ended up having to take the collar off because it was really crooked, and did it all over again the way I did hers. I would explain the difference between the two methods, but that could take a while. Maybe I'll do a tutorial if I ever make another shirt like this.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recon Skirt With How-to

I've had a hoodie lying around for ages that is just too big for me. I got it from a friend who was tossing it, cause I knew the fabric would come in handy one day. I finally came up with a skirt for my oldest daughter.

It's a little big on her, but that's good. It's almost summer here and I want her to be able to wear it when the weather is cooler, it is made out of sweatshirt material after all. It took much less of the material than I thought, too. I forget just how little she is sometimes. In retrospect, the squares could have been a little smaller, but over all I'm happy with the outcome. I have plenty enough to make one for my youngest daughter too, but I'll definitely do smaller squares with hers.

I'm trying to work through some of my enormous fabric stash, and this was the first project on my list. Hopefully I'll be able to get lots more done soon.

This was so easy to make. I would love to make one for myself sometime. Here's how its done.

You just cut 5 inch by 5 inch squares from an old hoodie or sweatshirt. It should be a knit material to minimize raveling. Then sew them together WRONG sides together until they reach around the widest part of your hips. It can fit tightly, or looser. It's up to you. Sew the first and last squares together in the same way so that you have a tube.

Make more of these "tubes" in the same size as the first. How many more depends on the length you want. My daughter only needed two, but a grown woman may need four or five or more. It's up to you how many you need for your desired length.

To attach the tubes, put one tube inside another tube WRONG sides together. Line up the edge to be sewn and pin. You can stagger the seams of the squares or line them up, it's just personal preference. I prefer staggering them because I don't want them so uniform and it's a little easier to sew. Once the tubes are pinned together all the way around, sew them together.

Attach the other tubes in the same manner until you reach the desired length.

For my daughter's waistband, I used the ribbed waistband that came on the hoodie. If you don't have ribbing to use just fold over the top of your skirt, sew a casing and thread elastic through it. Here is a good video on how to do that if you need some help. Just remember that you don't have to fold over the first 1/4 inch since the sweatshirt material won't unravel. Also remember that this will shorten the length of the skirt some. You can always add more "tubes" to the bottom of the skirt if you need more length though.

If you do have that ribbing on the garment you are using, cut it off as close to the seam as possible. Now, hold it around your waist (or where you will be wearing the waistband) to find out how long it should be. It should be secure enough to keep your skirt up without being too tight, and you will need to add about 1/4 - 1/2 inch for seam allowance. When you are sure you have the right length, go ahead and cut the ribbing.

Do not sew a traditional seam on the ribbing. I found a way that is much more comfortable, and will go with the exposed seams on the rest of the skirt. You may notice that the ribbing is folded in half. Keep it folded and slide on end inside the other end 1/4 - 1/2 inch (whichever amount you added in the last step). Now, sew right down the middle of this seam being sure that you are going through all layers. The seam won't unravel since it's made with knit material.

You're almost done! You will attach the waistband to the skirt body in almost the same way as you attached the "tubes" together to form the body. The difference is that the waist band should be smaller than the skirt body and it will have to be stretched to fit. Try to stretch it evenly and use plenty of pins to hold everything secure. Sew the waistband to the skirt, and you're done!

You can get really creative with this. Try using different size sqaures and rectangles. Also, try mixing different colors. I recommend having two shirts or hoodies to work with since you may not get enough material from just one. Just think about how the colors will look together and try to get materials that are similar in thickness. For example, sweatshirt material and t-shirt material probably wouldn't mix well.

This was much lengthier than I had planned, and if you're anything like me pictures would definitely help. I'll try to get pictures of the next one I make and add them later. But for now this is the best I can do. Hope it's useful.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reversible Pinafore

I finally made my girls some reversible pinafores yesterday. I have been wanting to make them for a while, but I'm a terrible procrastinator. I wanted to make the ones with no buttons or ties at the shoulder, but it was difficult to find a pattern like that.

I finally found a pdf pattern on etsy, but then I put off getting it because of money. I'm a terrible tight wad. It was like 10 bucks, which ain't bad for a pattern, but I know I could make a pattern myself if I wanted to. I really didn't want to though, so I finally bought the pattern. lol I got some great fabric from the remnant bin and on sale at Joann's, and got down to business yesterday.

I was a little disappointed with the pattern. Because it's a pdf I had to print it out and piece it together, but the pieces didn't line up that great and I kinda had to wing it. Also, the shoulder seams aren't exactly on the shoulder, they are on the front of the shoulder, which kinda bugs me. I'm gonna alter it some for the next ones I make to fix that. All in all, it was still better than drafting the patterns myself, and I was thrilled that it came in multiple sizes so I can use it for both of my girls.

The best part is how easy they were to make. They are so cute, but at the same time they are so simple. The worst part was the pressing. It seemed to take forever! Enough of my rambling, let me show em off!

Here's the inside. I couldn't get her to be still long enough to flip it around for another action shot.

My oldest daughter is so sweet. She thinks she has to pose for every picture. She picked some dandelions to hold for this one. It's really cute, until I want to get some natural pics of her. I can't even sneak up on her, she has camera radar or something. lol Later this same day I even caught her walking down my inlaws' porch like it was a fashion runway. She's only five, when I was that age I was baking mud pies. I am baffled as to where she gets this stuff, it is amusing though. The green fabric in her dress is my favorite of them all by the way, but of course she prefers the pink. ; )

Friday, May 1, 2009

Camera Cozy

I made a cozy for my camera a while back and finally got some pictures of it. Of course, I couldn't take pics of it with the camera inside, which stinks, but I guess you get the idea. It was really easy to make and I didn't even use a pattern. I will share a make shift pattern so yall can make one too.

Use whatever yarn you like and whatever hook size works best with it.

To start you will make a chain the same length as the width of your camera.

Round 1: Single crochet in the BACK LOOPS only starting in the first chain from hook.

Instead of turning, work single crochets down the other side of your chain (the front loops).

Round 2: Single crochet in the first single crochet of round 1. Continue to single crochet in every single crochet around and around until your bag is the length of your camera. You may want to make it a row or two shorter, or longer, depending on how stretchy the cozy is, and how you want it to fit your camera.

It is pretty hard to tell where a row ends or begins, but you should try to end your row on the same side as your yarn tail. This will help keep the front and back even.

Strap: From this point, do 4 more single crochet and chain 1. Turn, *4 sc, ch1 turn. Repeat from * to desired length.

Button hole: 1 sc, 2 ch, skip 2 st, 1sc in last st, 1ch, turn.

*4 sc, 1 ch, turn. Repeat from * 2 times. Finish off. Weave in loose ends.

Sew a button to the front, on the opposite side as your strap.

All done!

If anyone tries this I'd love to know how it worked out for you!

You can use this pattern for personal use, and are welcome to sell anything made from it. Please don't try to sell the pattern though.

Vintage Sewing Supplies

I recently got some vintage sewing supplies. Some thread, pins, needles, a hand-sewn pincushion, and a sewing kit. I have lots of stuff like this from my great grandma, so I didn't really need it and it doesn't hold the sentimental value of her stuff. I decided to go through it and package it up to sell in my shop.

At first sight it was just a pile of junk, and to many people it still is, but after sorting through it I saw it all in a different light. I especially love the pincushion. It was covered in pins and needles and thread scraps when I got it, but once I got all that removed I realized just how special it is. I know that probably sounds silly, but it was hand-sewn by somebody and they obviously used it a great deal.

The sewing repar kit is also pretty neat. It was given out by a bank in Brooklyn, NY for promotional purposes I guess. It was their 75th anniversary. It has these "stop-run" sticks inside that were used to stop a run in your hose. I've never seen them before and thought that was petty cool.

I almost hate to part with the stuff now. I did keep an old spool of guterman's thread. I don't have one of that brand, so I added it to my collection. I also kept a package of Dritz tracing paper. I can't stand tracing paper, but the packaging is so neat I'm considering framing Anyway, maybe someone else will see what I do and give it all a good home. If not I'll just add it to my ever expanding collection of stuff I don't need!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crochet Plant Hanger Pattern

**Update** Thank you for visiting my site! This pattern is the most popular post on my blog, so thank you for your interest!  Since this has been so popular I made a new plant hanger pattern!  You can see it HERE.  Also, I would LOVE to see pictures of your finished project.  You can share them on my facebook page if you'd like.  Just click on the facebook widget on the right. Thanks :)**

I wrote up the pattern for my plant hanger for anyone who would like it. I would like to say again that this is an adaptation to the pattern Cal Patch shared on Craft Stylish. I just don't want anyone to think I'm trying to take credit for her idea. The link to the original pattern can be found in my previous post.  That's also where you can see the other pictures of the finished project.

This is my first time writing a crochet pattern, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are some mistakes. If something is unclear please leave a comment and I will try to fix the problem.

Crochet Plant Hanger

This pattern is for use with a basic, plastic hanging basket like you would find at a garden center or nursery.

Cotton yarn ( I used Lily’s Sugar n Cream)
US G 6/4.00 MM crochet hook

Ch 6. Tr into 6th chain from hook. Ch 1, *Tr into the same stitch as before, Ch 1, repeat from * 10 times. You should have the turning chain plus 11 trebles. Join with a slip stitch to the chain before your first treble.

Round 1: Ch 7, Tr in first Tr of base, Ch 3, *Tr in next Tr, Ch 3, repeat from * around. Join with slip stitch to the fourth chain.

(This is where the pattern changes from the original on Craft Stylish)

Round 2: Ch 8, Tr in first Tr of last round, Ch 4, *Tr in next Tr, Ch 4, repeat from * around. Join with slip stitch to the fourth chain.

Round 3: Same as round 2. (This will shape the sides.)

Round 4: Ch 9, Tr in first Tr of last round, Ch 5, *Tr in next Tr, Ch5, repeat from * around. Join with slip stitch to the fourth chain.

Round 5: Ch 10, Tr in first Tr of last round, Ch 6, *Tr in next Tr, Ch6, repeat from * around. Join with slip stitch to the fourth chain.

Round 6: Ch 11, Tr in first Tr of last round, Ch 7, *Tr in next Tr, Ch7, repeat from * around. Join with slip stitch to the fourth chain.

Round 7: Ch 12, Tr in first Tr of last round, Ch 8, *Tr in next Tr, Ch8, repeat from * around. Join with slip stitch to the fourth chain.

Round 8: Ch 13, Tr in first Tr of last round, Ch 9, *Tr in next Tr, Ch9, repeat from * around. Join with slip stitch to the fourth chain.

As you can see, the space between the trebles is just increased by one stitch each row to fit the tapered sides of a basic plastic hanging basket.

Hanging straps

The straps in the picture did not come out even, so I have altered the original pattern. These instructions will not make straps that look the same as those pictured.

Ch to the length you want your straps. I recommend around 75 chain stitches, but you can make them shorter or longer. (Make sure to make them long enough to tie together at the end. Also, be sure to remember the number of stitches used so that you can use the same number for each strap.)

SC back down the chain you just made, and across round 8 stopping before the 3rd treble stitch from your first strap. Sl St in that treble. Here you will make your next strap.

Ch to the same length of your previous strap. Sc back down the strap and across round 8 as before, slip stitching in the third treble.

Ch to the same length as the first two straps. Sc back down the strap and across round 8 to the beginning of the round.

Finnish off and weave in loose ends. Tie the three straps together at the top with a knot. Fit your basket inside and hang, you’re done.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crochet Plant Hanger

*Pattern is here.

My mama told me once that she wanted one of those macrame hanging baskets. She loves gardening and I really wanted to make her one. So, I started reading up on macrame, and decided that the last thing I needed was a new hobby to leave more stuff laying around, namely a big board with nails stuck out of it. I gave up the idea until I was given a perfect alternative while browsing online the other day.

Cal Patch on Craft Stylish shared a great tutorial for a terrarium hanger. You can see it here. As soon as I saw it I knew I could modify it for a hanging basket. It took a little trial and error, but I got it worked out and gave it to mama last weekend. She really likes it. It definitely looks better than the wire hanger originally on the basket. I was worried that it wouldn't hold the weight, but it did fine. I'm gonna work out a few problems with the ropes that hold it (they didn't come out completely even), and try to write down the pattern. Whenever I get that done I'll be sure to post it.

Monday, April 13, 2009


As you may know, I don't usually post pics of my girls online, but I'm gonna make an exception. I just have to show off the Easter dresses I made them, and of course how cute they were in them!

These are definitely my biggest sewing achievement. Not only did I make the dresses, but I made the patterns too. Also, they are made from a thrifted bed sheet and pillow case, and have vintage buttons from my stash. They only cost about $2.50 to make, for both!

Ironically, the one for my older daughter fits better than the one for my youngest. I say ironically because my oldest wasn't even at home for me to try it on her while making it. It's also amazing that they even got finished in time. I started on the final pattern Thursday afternoon, worked off and on all day Friday and till 4 am that night. I finished them on Saturday just in time to go out an buy Easter baskets, candy, and plastic eggs. I am a terrible procrastinator!

Here they are!
Front and Back

She insisted that Barney be in the pic too! She also wouldn't let me get a pic of the buttons, but there are two on her right shoulder, the same kind as on the first dress.
Granny's house!

I had so much fun getting these pics. I was running around the yard like a crazy lady trying to keep up with them. Everything went well, and we had a lot of fun, but I think I'll be taking a break from the sewing machine for just a little while!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crochet Bags

So, here is what I've been doing instead of blogging. lol Making crocheted bags! I love these so much. They are pretty straight forward to make, and I can crochet while sitting on the couch in the evenings. The sewing took a little longer to find time for, but I was able to sew the lining into the bag pretty simply since that has to be done by hand. Something else I can do on the couch!

I made these with the Manos del Uraguay yarn I got from my father in law. I love this yarn! I will be really sad when it's gone. I will definitely be buying more in the future, though, just not in this quantity.

Anyway, the crochet part is pretty simple. Just make a foundation chain the length you want the bag, and then single crochet in every stitch for the first row. Instead of turning, just single crochet in every stitch of the foundation on the opposite side. Continue crocheting in the round this way until you reach the desired depth. For the wrist strap, I just kinda winged it. I'm sure there is a right way to do it, but I haven't learned that yet. When I got to the side of the bag I just made a chain the length I wanted, attached it with a slip stitch in the third stitch from where I started the chain, slip stitched in the second stitch from the chain, and single crocheted around the chain. I ended it by slip stitching in the stitch next to where I started the chain, and finished it off.

There are several more, but I think that's enough for one post. I did finally photograph the hat I'm so proud of. The pictures don't show the shape well, because the only way I had to display it was with a vase. It looks like a bucket hat, but it's actually a cloche. Oh, and I'm really happy that spring is here, but now I have to wait forever to wear it!