Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Get It!

I finally "got" crochet! I picked up knitting fairly easy (I do it completely different than most of the world, but that's another story). I have yet to attempt knitting in the round, but I comprehend it. Crochet, however, has always baffled me until recently. One time I did figure out how to make one of those snowflakes, but it was too tight and looked terrible.

Threadbanger had a video a few weeks back that showed how to crochet a hat. I tried it, and it actually came out as a hat. Not only that, but I actually understand how it became a hat. That probably doesn't make any sense, but I figured out how different stitches increase the size and all. I am proud to say that I can now make a crochet hat without even using a pattern! I love how quickly crochet works up too. I still love knitting, but it takes a lot longer. Here is the video if you'd like to try out the hat.

This is one I made from some Patton's wool I had left over from knitting diaper covers. I had just enough yarn to finish. It was a great way to use up that left over yarn.

Here is my first one. I also used some left over yarn for it. Adding stripes like this really helps to use up scraps. I want to make a multi-colored one next with all my shorter scraps. That should be interesting!

I bought some yarn today, and I got some cotton yarn to attempt a dish rag with. It came with a pattern, so I used it. It actually came out square! I made a string dishcloth for my mama one time, but have never been able to remember how to do it. She had told me how to make it, but once I had finished I forgot. I'm so happy to have figured this out. Even after mastering the hats, squares really confused me. She loves string dish rags, so now I can make her a bunch for her birthday.

Oh, and I got this great yarn that is made from recycled plastic bottles. It's made by Carion. Granted, there isn't much recycled plastic in a skein (only .6 bottles, 20% of the content) but it's something. And it's actually soft. Softer than some of the other yarns out there. It was a reasonable price too. It's definitely worth checking out for your next project.

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