Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sewing With Nature Honourable Mentions

First off, I want to say that I'm not doing this to be disrespectful of the contest winners. I just want to share some entries that really caught my eye. I love the bag that got runner up in the contest, here, but I'm only including people who didn't win here.

My favorite, made by Brain Fuzz Hats, can be found here. I couldn't get the picture to upload here, but it's worth a look.

This was created by zebuladesign. I love the whole design!

This quilt is amazing! It was made by Betty Busby. If you look close there is a very realistic frog.
This bodice by funnydomo makes me think of pixies and elves. What could be better than that!
Dreidle Design created this truly unique bag. I love that each side represents the different seasons.

Sewing With Nature Winners

I didn't win the Sewing With Nature Contest. There were a lot of great entries, though, so it's ok. You can see the winners here. I do have to say I was a little surprised. There were a few entries that I KNEW would win, and they didn't. The winning prizes were good too though, I'm just sayin. I think I'm gonna do my own honourable mention in the my next post though, just to give some acknowledgement to some great entries.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Good Excuse

I actually have a good excuse for not posting in a while! lol I got a new sewing machine for one. I had planned to take pics of it and show it off on here, but I've actually been using it instead.

I have been working on a project most of the week for the Singer Sewing With Nature Contest. You can read about the contest here. I don't want to win first place, cause I just got a new machine, but I hope to be a runner up to win a dress form and a subscription to Craft magazine. A dress form would really help me design clothes, which is what I really want to do.

Although I tend to be a procrastinator, I actually finished this project a few days before the deadline. (I know, but that's actually good for me!) This is one of the most detailed projects I've done, and I'm really proud of it. All the materials are reclaimed. The outer is made from unwanted clothing, and the lining is from some old ripped curtains.

The tree trunks are made from linen, and were so light I decided they should be birch trees. I stitched all the little lines so the trees looked more realistic.

The leafy parts were all put on in sections to give them more dimension.

I have already entered it in the contest. I hope it's ok that I post it on here, there wasn't anything in the rules against it. Wish me luck!