Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crochet Bags

So, here is what I've been doing instead of blogging. lol Making crocheted bags! I love these so much. They are pretty straight forward to make, and I can crochet while sitting on the couch in the evenings. The sewing took a little longer to find time for, but I was able to sew the lining into the bag pretty simply since that has to be done by hand. Something else I can do on the couch!

I made these with the Manos del Uraguay yarn I got from my father in law. I love this yarn! I will be really sad when it's gone. I will definitely be buying more in the future, though, just not in this quantity.

Anyway, the crochet part is pretty simple. Just make a foundation chain the length you want the bag, and then single crochet in every stitch for the first row. Instead of turning, just single crochet in every stitch of the foundation on the opposite side. Continue crocheting in the round this way until you reach the desired depth. For the wrist strap, I just kinda winged it. I'm sure there is a right way to do it, but I haven't learned that yet. When I got to the side of the bag I just made a chain the length I wanted, attached it with a slip stitch in the third stitch from where I started the chain, slip stitched in the second stitch from the chain, and single crocheted around the chain. I ended it by slip stitching in the stitch next to where I started the chain, and finished it off.

There are several more, but I think that's enough for one post. I did finally photograph the hat I'm so proud of. The pictures don't show the shape well, because the only way I had to display it was with a vase. It looks like a bucket hat, but it's actually a cloche. Oh, and I'm really happy that spring is here, but now I have to wait forever to wear it!

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