Monday, April 13, 2009


As you may know, I don't usually post pics of my girls online, but I'm gonna make an exception. I just have to show off the Easter dresses I made them, and of course how cute they were in them!

These are definitely my biggest sewing achievement. Not only did I make the dresses, but I made the patterns too. Also, they are made from a thrifted bed sheet and pillow case, and have vintage buttons from my stash. They only cost about $2.50 to make, for both!

Ironically, the one for my older daughter fits better than the one for my youngest. I say ironically because my oldest wasn't even at home for me to try it on her while making it. It's also amazing that they even got finished in time. I started on the final pattern Thursday afternoon, worked off and on all day Friday and till 4 am that night. I finished them on Saturday just in time to go out an buy Easter baskets, candy, and plastic eggs. I am a terrible procrastinator!

Here they are!
Front and Back

She insisted that Barney be in the pic too! She also wouldn't let me get a pic of the buttons, but there are two on her right shoulder, the same kind as on the first dress.
Granny's house!

I had so much fun getting these pics. I was running around the yard like a crazy lady trying to keep up with them. Everything went well, and we had a lot of fun, but I think I'll be taking a break from the sewing machine for just a little while!

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  1. those dresses are adorable! the girls are lucky to have a mama who sews!