Friday, May 1, 2009

Camera Cozy

I made a cozy for my camera a while back and finally got some pictures of it. Of course, I couldn't take pics of it with the camera inside, which stinks, but I guess you get the idea. It was really easy to make and I didn't even use a pattern. I will share a make shift pattern so yall can make one too.

Use whatever yarn you like and whatever hook size works best with it.

To start you will make a chain the same length as the width of your camera.

Round 1: Single crochet in the BACK LOOPS only starting in the first chain from hook.

Instead of turning, work single crochets down the other side of your chain (the front loops).

Round 2: Single crochet in the first single crochet of round 1. Continue to single crochet in every single crochet around and around until your bag is the length of your camera. You may want to make it a row or two shorter, or longer, depending on how stretchy the cozy is, and how you want it to fit your camera.

It is pretty hard to tell where a row ends or begins, but you should try to end your row on the same side as your yarn tail. This will help keep the front and back even.

Strap: From this point, do 4 more single crochet and chain 1. Turn, *4 sc, ch1 turn. Repeat from * to desired length.

Button hole: 1 sc, 2 ch, skip 2 st, 1sc in last st, 1ch, turn.

*4 sc, 1 ch, turn. Repeat from * 2 times. Finish off. Weave in loose ends.

Sew a button to the front, on the opposite side as your strap.

All done!

If anyone tries this I'd love to know how it worked out for you!

You can use this pattern for personal use, and are welcome to sell anything made from it. Please don't try to sell the pattern though.

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