Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reversible Pinafore

I finally made my girls some reversible pinafores yesterday. I have been wanting to make them for a while, but I'm a terrible procrastinator. I wanted to make the ones with no buttons or ties at the shoulder, but it was difficult to find a pattern like that.

I finally found a pdf pattern on etsy, but then I put off getting it because of money. I'm a terrible tight wad. It was like 10 bucks, which ain't bad for a pattern, but I know I could make a pattern myself if I wanted to. I really didn't want to though, so I finally bought the pattern. lol I got some great fabric from the remnant bin and on sale at Joann's, and got down to business yesterday.

I was a little disappointed with the pattern. Because it's a pdf I had to print it out and piece it together, but the pieces didn't line up that great and I kinda had to wing it. Also, the shoulder seams aren't exactly on the shoulder, they are on the front of the shoulder, which kinda bugs me. I'm gonna alter it some for the next ones I make to fix that. All in all, it was still better than drafting the patterns myself, and I was thrilled that it came in multiple sizes so I can use it for both of my girls.

The best part is how easy they were to make. They are so cute, but at the same time they are so simple. The worst part was the pressing. It seemed to take forever! Enough of my rambling, let me show em off!

Here's the inside. I couldn't get her to be still long enough to flip it around for another action shot.

My oldest daughter is so sweet. She thinks she has to pose for every picture. She picked some dandelions to hold for this one. It's really cute, until I want to get some natural pics of her. I can't even sneak up on her, she has camera radar or something. lol Later this same day I even caught her walking down my inlaws' porch like it was a fashion runway. She's only five, when I was that age I was baking mud pies. I am baffled as to where she gets this stuff, it is amusing though. The green fabric in her dress is my favorite of them all by the way, but of course she prefers the pink. ; )


  1. wow! butterflies on green..the fabric is soo sweet. if you have some left, make a 3tier skirt to showcase the fabric :)

    i would say that must have been hard work trying to make two reversible dresses..i tried to make one reversible bodice and almost tore my hair out. reversible without bias tape ..i must say i dont know how people make that. kudos to you!

  2. I don't think I could do a reversible bodice, that sounds too complicated. These were super easy though. The pressing was the only annoying part.

    Thanks for the tip about the 3 tier skirt! I do have some of the fabric left over and was wondering what to do with it. That would be perfect!