Friday, May 1, 2009

Vintage Sewing Supplies

I recently got some vintage sewing supplies. Some thread, pins, needles, a hand-sewn pincushion, and a sewing kit. I have lots of stuff like this from my great grandma, so I didn't really need it and it doesn't hold the sentimental value of her stuff. I decided to go through it and package it up to sell in my shop.

At first sight it was just a pile of junk, and to many people it still is, but after sorting through it I saw it all in a different light. I especially love the pincushion. It was covered in pins and needles and thread scraps when I got it, but once I got all that removed I realized just how special it is. I know that probably sounds silly, but it was hand-sewn by somebody and they obviously used it a great deal.

The sewing repar kit is also pretty neat. It was given out by a bank in Brooklyn, NY for promotional purposes I guess. It was their 75th anniversary. It has these "stop-run" sticks inside that were used to stop a run in your hose. I've never seen them before and thought that was petty cool.

I almost hate to part with the stuff now. I did keep an old spool of guterman's thread. I don't have one of that brand, so I added it to my collection. I also kept a package of Dritz tracing paper. I can't stand tracing paper, but the packaging is so neat I'm considering framing Anyway, maybe someone else will see what I do and give it all a good home. If not I'll just add it to my ever expanding collection of stuff I don't need!

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