Friday, June 26, 2009

Placemat Purse

Place mat purses are not a new idea. I have seen them all over the internet for quite some time. I think they are a great idea, but rarely see place mats that I want to turn into a purse. Nevertheless, I always keep an eye out for them just in case.

I was in Dollar General the other day and I finally saw some place mats that were just begging to become a purse. I got them and here is what I came up with.

I know it looks like the handles aren't centered, but they really are. The one side caves in (because I was lazy and didn't press the seams) so it looks wonky in the pic. I absolutely love it though. I usually use purses with shoulder straps, so it's been a little weird getting used to holding it. The handles are roomy enough that I can throw it on my shoulder if I have to, which happens a lot when trying to get in and out of a store with two kids.

What was really surprising is that I got compliments on it. I rarely get compliments from strangers on things I make. I got two in one day! The lady working at the local Hallmark loved it, and even said that if I could make one with shoulder straps she would buy it. She even called her co-worker over to see it. They are surrounded by cute stuff in that store, so coming from her it really meant something. At the grocery store the cashier commented on it too. (I do know the cashier, but not very well, and she had no idea I had made it, so it still counts! lol)

I hope I can get a couple more of the place mats, my mama wants me to make her one too!

If you'd like to learn how to make a place mat purse of your own you can check out the tutorials on craftster here and here. For the complete purse, bags, and wallets tutorial list, which I highly recommend, go here.

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