Friday, July 10, 2009

Fourth of July Outfits

I have had this navy blue fabric with white stars on it for ages. I knew I would use it eventually to make the girls something patriotic. Recently I was given some red material and knew that I could use the two together. Unfortunately I waited until two days before the Independence Day celebration to start on them, and was up late at the last minute finishing them. I wasn't entirely happy with Meadow's, but at that late hour it had to do.

I made them both from the pattern I drafted for Meadow's Easter dress. I widened the bottom to fix the fit problem I had with the Easter dress, and after completing Meadows round neck dress, I decided to make Becca-Lynn's top with bias tape instead. Becca-Lynn's top went wonky in the picture, but it has one pleat in the center under the bias tape.

I may never make another round neck anything after this. I had enough trouble with the round neck shirt I made myself a while back, but this was even worse. If you could see it close up you would see all the little loose threads sticking out from where I clipped the curves too close and this loosely woven material wanted to unravel. I had no problems on her Easter dress, but somehow I have gotten terrible at curves. Maybe if I would actually buy pinking shears to clip the curves it would help. Can you believe I sew and don't own pinking shears?

I did come up with a quick way to hem while working on Becca-Lynn's top. Since her's didn't have as much red as Meadow's, I decided to bind it in red on the bottom. Instead of making more bias tape, which isn't necessary since it is a straight hem, I just cut a strip along the selvege edge of the fabric.

I lined up the cut edge of my strip with the bottom edge of the shirt, right sides together, and sewed it down with about a 5/8 seam, making sure to fold the strip end to the inside at the beginning and overlapping the ends a little at the end. Then I just folded my strip over the hem and top stitched everything in place. Since the selvege edge went to the inside, I didn't have to press the edge under before sewing it down. It made things go a lot quicker. I hope that made sense, I'm not always too good at explaining things without being able to show them, and I never think to take pictures while sewing.

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