Saturday, January 23, 2010


meatwad, originally uploaded by mamasweettater.
I made a hat like this for my brother's Christmas present. (one of the gifts I never got to take a picture of lol) His friend wanted one too, so here it is, my version of the Meatwad hat!

I've seen several online, some crochet and some knit, but I like the look of the crocheted ones best. They have more texture and seemed to resemble Meatwad better. It's a good thing too, I can't knit hats...yet! Knitting in the round is one of the things I'd like to learn one day.

For the face, I traced a Meatwad face from online onto tracing paper, basted it onto the hat, and embroidered over the paper. I just took out the basting stitches and tore away the paper when I was done. I think next time I'll use tissue paper. The tracing paper was still a little too strong, and it didn't tear as easy as I would have liked. Live and learn. Either way, I'm really happy with how it turned out, and will probably end up making at least one more. My brother has another friend who wants one!

Now for a lesson in southern talk. lol My brother calls this hat a beanie, but I call it a tobogan. I know, most of y'all are thinking "a tobogan is a sled", but here in the south if someone says tobogan, they usually mean something to keep you're head warm, and a sled is a sled. We say it differently too. It's pronounced TOE-bogin, if someone does say it the other way, we realize they probably mean a sled (and that they ain't from around here :D ). Plus, we rarely get snow, so we don't really need two words for sled, but those tobogan/beanies come out as soon as the mercury hits about 50! I have learned from being online that the rest of the world calls this type of hat a beanie, though. I always thought a beanie was just one of those little hats with a propeller! lol So I guess my little brother knew something I didn't!