Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hats and Carolina Snow Shoes

I finally got pictures of the hats I made for the girls. I think they turned out good, but Becca-Lynn's is a little too big. At least she won't outgrow it anytime soon!

I took the pics on Saturday before we went out in the snow. We don't (usually) get much snow here, so the girls were really excited. I'm surprised they stood so still!

Since we don't get snow much, I've never really thought to make sure the girls have appropriate foot wear. Luckily Meadow had some boots that fit her, but Becca-Lynn's current shoes are a pair of pink Converse, definitely not waterproof. So, what does a crafty North Carolinian do to keep her feet dry? Wear plastic bags under her shoes of course! It works like a charm. Plus, it keeps your pants from getting wet too. I do plan to invest in some nice, waterproof boots next year though. (watch it not snow a bit) :)


  1. Hah I remember doing that when I was little with the plastic bags. Love those hats btw.

  2. I used to do it to. I only had real snow boots once and that's when we lived in Virginia. Thanks about the hats, I love em too!

  3. Hi, found your blog tonight and still looking through. Had to stop here and comment about the make-shift water/snow proofing around the legs. I grew up in Alabama where we hardly got snow and when we did - we improvised. Having a very mild and hardly any snow here in Pennsylvania, it took a while for me to buy my son some snow boots. Had the hand-me-down snow suit so I tied large socks around my son's ankles hoping that the snow would not go up his leg while playing. My husband wouldn't let my son and I go out the door like that - just didn't understand I guess.

    1. Yeah, I think you would have to be from the south to understand! :) I'm sure other people have seen this post and just thought I was either cheap or crazy.