Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shorts Pattern: Part Two

I decided to work on getting some shorts made before I start the romper/play-suit. I just need shorts more, and the 90 degree (Fahrenheit) weather around here reminded me just how much!

*Note: If you're wanting to make shorts for yourself, I included a link in my last post that has instructions for drafting a pattern. It would probably be best to draft the pattern using the waistline you plan to wear your shorts at instead of lowering the waist after drafting the pattern. I only did this because I plan to use my pattern for several different styles of shorts, and like to cut corners. lol

So, I started by tracing the pattern from my last post onto a new piece of paper. (I'm using freezer paper.) The freezer paper is transparent enough that I was able to put the original pattern under the paper for tracing. Here is what the original pattern looks like:

A 1 1/2 in hem is probably a little much, but with hems I'd rather have too much than not enough. Anyway, I lowered the waist on the new pattern. To do that, I measured down from my natural waist to where I want my shorts to sit. I then measured down from the waist on my traced pattern the same amount and marked that as my new waist line. Since the top of the original pattern is not straight, I decided to measure from the topmost point and square a straight line across. You could also measure down from both points and connect the points with a line. I'm not really sure why I did it the way I did. (hope I didn't mess it up! lol) Here's a pic of my finished pattern:

The front is on the left and the back is the right. I also added a fly to the pattern. That was a pretty lengthy process to explain, so I'm not gonna do it in this post. If you'd like me to make a post about it, leave a comment. If enough people are interested, then I'll post how I did it.

*Update* I finally got around to making this pair of shorts with some lightweight dark colored denim.  I can never remember to get a picture of them, but they are the best fitting shorts I have ever had.  I will definitely be using this pattern a lot.

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