Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shorts Pattern

Yesterday I actually got motivated to start working on one of my projects. I drafted a pattern that I will be using for both shorts and hopefully a romper/play-suit. I have a great book on pattern drafting, but I actually used instructions I got offline for this. It was a google preview of a Caribbean home ec. book that you can see here. The instructions are in both metric and standard measurements, so anybody can use it. I also like that you start off by drafting a skirt and then use that to draft the shorts, so I actually ended up with two patterns. Here are the shorts.

I made them to be at my natural waistline, because that's how I want the romper to fit. When I make the shorts I will trace this pattern, lower the waist and add a fly to the front. If I want elastic waist shorts, I'll just add some width by cutting down the middle and spreading it out with extra paper under the cut. I can even use it to make pants by lengthening the legs. I will make a waistband too, and there are instructions in the link on how to do that.

I made a muslin with the pattern, and was surprised how well it came out. I expected to be making a lot of adjustments, but none were needed. What a relief! lol

On my pattern I free-handed the crotchline, but it was tricky. I have a french curve, but it just wasn't right. After I finally got it the way I wanted, I remembered a trick I've used to make the girls pants. It didn't help me this time, but it will hopefully help you. Just use a pair of shorts or pants that already fit you well. Fold them in half down the middle and line the curve of the crotch up on your pattern and trace. It won't be perfect, but it will give you a good guideline to trace.

It also has you curve the upper outside seam. The french curve failed me here too, so again I free handed it. One thing I can tell you here, is to get one side right, and use that one to trace the curve for the other side. I didn't do this, and the sides didn't match up as well as I'd have liked. I'm actually gonna go back and fix that part before using the pattern again. Of course, if you have a flexible ruler then you could just use that. (mental note: buy flexible ruler!!) ;)

Hopefully I'll have a finished product to share soon!

*Edit* I tried matching up the outside seam curves, and it doesn't work. So free-handing it is apparently the only option. It didn't make the pattern too hard to work with though. When I tested the pattern it came out fine.

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