Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Ugly Fabric

Whenever I get fabric for cheap (or free) I keep it. Usually, I have no idea what to do with it and sometimes it's just plain ugly. I just can't let it go though. I know that one day I will find the perfect use for it. That is exactly what happened with this blue and white stripe fabric that I've had for several years.

I knew that it was good fabric. It's denim, so it's strong, but the blue and white stripes reminded me of some terrible Bermuda shorts from the early 90's. Yeah, it's THAT kind of denim. I kept it anyway figuring that one day I'd find some useful purpose for it. (preferably something that would never be seen lol)

Well, not only did I finally find a use for it, but I now love this fabric and wish I had more! My girls needed a laundry hamper in their bathroom and ,to save space, I decided to make a bag to hang on the back of the door. The fabric is perfect. It is strong enough to hold a lot of clothes, and the stripes go great with the beach themed bathroom. Now I wish I had enough for a new shower mat and curtain too. It turns out that the fabric wasn't ugly, it's just the way I was looking at it!

(Sorry for the not-so-great pic, there is practically no natural light in this bathroom.)

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