Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

"10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.
11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
12 And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.
13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,
14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."
John 2:10-14

I found this picture online and wanted to share it on here for Christmas.  I think we get so caught up in tradition that we forget just how wonderful the birth of Jesus was, but this picture makes it seem much more real.  I found it here.  Merry Christmas to you all and God bless!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Affordable Christmas Gift

Hi!  Last year I made quite a few Christmas presents, but I didn't share them on here because I didn't want to ruin any surprises.  Instead of posting them after Christmas I decided to wait and share them in time for this Christmas.

The big hit for us last year was marshmallow guns.  I had 6 boys to get gifts for and a tight budget, so I found this video online and figured I'd give it a try.  They all loved them and it cost less than $20 for ALL six kids!  These would be fun for lots of people, not just boys.  My girls wanted some too, and even the grownups thought they were fun.  Just be sure to include plenty of marshmallows.  I got the store brand for around 99 cents on sale.  Hope this helps with some of your gift giving this year!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's a Girl!

No, I'm not having a baby again :(, but I had you fooled for a minute huh? :)  I've been making baby girl stuff though.  A friend of mine is due in November and she's having a girl.  So I decided to make her a couple of things.  Here they are!

I've never made a tag blankey before, but I like how it turned out.  And I LOVE the pink and green for the hat.  I'm so gonna make me one of those! (bigger of course!)  I'll try to get a pattern up next week for the baby size so you can make one too!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crochet in the Air and a Free Pattern!

It's fall and it's getting chilly around here.  (It's even getting down right cold to me, which doesn't take much for this southern girl!)  So, like most of us my mind is straying to warm thoughts, and crochet is a warm thought!

Since yesterday I have made Fletcher a new hat and three new toys, all crocheted of course!  Next I'm gonna make the girls some hats, but I'll have to wait and let them pick out the yarn they want.  They're getting older now so they don't like what Mama picks out. lol

Here's Fletcher in his new hat. I think he looks adorable, but of course I am biased!

Here's a pic with him playing with one of the toys I made him.

My great-grandma, Mammie, used to make these and I always wanted to make some for the girls, but I couldn't crochet when they were babies.  I knew with Fletcher I was gonna finally make them though!  I've actually been meaning to make these since Easter (when I got the eggs) but am just now getting around to them.  I'm not gonna wait till Easter to post the pattern though, I'd totally forget to post it by then.  I normally just crochet stuff and don't use a pattern or write one down, so this is different for me.  Hopefully you can understand it!

Crochet Egg Rattles

Red Heart Super Saver yarn (or something similar)
US H8 / 5.00 mm crochet hook
large plastic eggs (about 3" tall)
something to make noise: beads, bells, rice, beans, etc.
optional: super glue

Start of by putting something inside your egg to make noise.  You can super glue your egg closed if you want, but I didn't.  The crocheted cover fits snug enough to keep it from coming open and even if it did come open nothing big enough to choke a child can fit through the holes in the cover.
Make a magic ring (instructions here)
After bringing up the first loop through the hole, ch 1.  This will count as your first sc. Work 7 more sc around ring and pull tail to close up the center of the ring.

Rnd 1: 2 sc in first sc and each sc around.
Rnd 2: 1 sc in each stitch around.
Rnd 3: sc in 3 stitches, 2sc in 4th stitch, continue around.
Rnd 4: sc in each stitch around.
Rnd 5: sc in 3 stitches, 2sc in 4th stitch, continue around.
Rnd 6: sc in each stitch around.
Rnd 7: sc in 3 stitches, 2sc in 4th stitch, continue around.
Rnd 8: sc in each stitch around.
Rnd 9: sc in 3 stitches, 2sc in 4th stitch, continue around.

At this point you should weave in any loose tails and place the egg inside your work.  The more pointed end will be covered leaving the fatter, rounder end exposed.  The cover will fit tightly around the egg so you will have to pull the cover down around the egg to get a close fit.  The rest of your work will be done around the egg.

Rnd 10: sc in 3 stitches and skip the 4th stitch, continue around.
Rnd 11: sc in each stitch around.
Rnd 12: sc in 3 stitches and skip the 4th stitch, continue around.
Rnd 13: sc in 2 stitches and skip the 3rd stitch, continue around.
Rnd 14: sc in 3 stitches and skip the 4th stitch, continue around.
Rnd 15: sc in 1 stitch, skip 1 stitch, continue around.
Finish off your work and weave in you tail.  You're done!

If you normally crochet more on the loose side, try to work a little tighter on this.  You want a good tight fit around the egg to keep it from coming open.

If you decide to put a bell in your egg you will have to secure it to the inside of the egg or it will not make a jingling sound.  I tied fishing line to my bell leaving about 2-3 inches of line on either side, then ran the fishing line through the small holes on the egg and tied a secure knot on the outside.  If your egg doesn't have holes or you don't want to tie the bell on you could use hot glue to secure it to the side of the egg.

Although you can use beans or rice in your eggs, they may not be best if you plan to keep your eggs for a long time.  If you do use rice do not use instant rice.  It breaks down really easily and may come out through the small holes that most plastic eggs have now.

If you make any of these let me know.  I'd love to see what you made!  Happy Fall everyone!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sew Unique Contest Entry

Hi!  Sorry I've been away so long.  I've had my hands full with the kids and now the PTA (but that's a different story). 

I'm really excited to share my most recent project with y'all!  I haven't gotten to sew in quite a while so I was glad for this opportunity.  It's for Jo-Ann Fabrics' Sew Unique sewing contest.  The guidelines were to sew something unique with utility fabric.  I love contest like this because they get you to thinking creatively.  Anyway, here's what I came up with!

(Please excuse the very white legs, they didn't see much daylight this summer!)

So, I decided to use ironing board cover material because of the shiny silvery color.  Honestly, it was the most unique of the utility fabrics that I could imagine myself using.  I knew I wanted to make clothing, and I couldn't bring myself to use burlap!  (There are actually some awesome entries using burlap though.  I actually think a few of them have a very strong chance of winning.)

For the pattern I started with a sloper pattern from a book I have called Built by Wendy Dresses. I have to say I am NOT impressed with the pattern.  I ended up drafting the whole thing myself over top of the Built by Wendy pattern.  It would have saved me a lot of time and muslin if I had just drafted my own pattern in the first place, but you live and learn I guess!

The ironing board cover material was pretty thick, but wasn't too difficult to work with.  I serged the edges of all the pieces before sewing them together and instead of pressing the seams open, I top-stitched them all down.  That helped keep them from being so bulky.

Now I'm just waiting to hear who the finalists will be.  If I'm chosen I'll have to send this off to be judged more closely (which makes me nervous), but I'm optimistic. Even if I don't win, it was still fun to make something "Sew Unique"! (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bibs and Burpcloths

I've got a new item in the shop and it's been a long time in the making.  Bibs and burpcloths!  I posted about how I came up with these burpcloths here.  That was five years ago!  Anyway, I'm super excited to finally have these sets in the shop.

The bibs are lined with blue flannel and the burpcloths are lined with a nice thick terrycloth.  I hand made the bias tape binding in grey cotton to match (but that's another post!).  I made bibs like these for Fletcher and I love how the neck closes on the side.  It made it much easier to put on and off.  Even if he's lying down I can just undo the velcro and slide it out from behind his neck without having to move him.

And just for fun, here's some pics of Fletcher modeling one of the bibs!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Flip Flop Earrings

I've got the perfect summer earrings in the shop!  I saw these flip flop paper cut outs while out shopping and knew they were meant to be earrings.  So, I bought them, came home and made earrings. All they required was a small hole punch, jump rings, and (nickel free) ear wires.  You never know when inspiration will strike!

                                                                 Pink Flip Flop Earrings

                                                              Yellow Flip Flop Earrings

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We had VBS this past weekend.  It was so much fun!  I still can't believe it's already over.  I'll post more about it when I have more time, but right now I wanted to share the cupcakes I made.   I recently watched 4 seasons of Cake Boss in less than two weeks (thank you Netflix!), so I figured I had no excuse to do boring cupcakes.  This is what I came up with to go with our nautical theme.

This is what was left when I got home, I made close to two dozen.  I just used white cake mix and butter cream frosting (I used Duncan Hines for both).  I used blue food coloring for the cake and light brown sugar to get the look of sand on top of the cup cakes.  I just sprinkled it on top right after frosting them.  The shells are real.  I got a whole basket of them at Dollar Tree and washed them good before putting them on top of the cupcakes.  These would be great for any summer time party or get together.  Plus, they were so yummy, especially with that brown sugar! 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dedication and Simplicity 5813 Review

About a month or so ago me and Jason had the children dedicated to the Lord.  We were not in church when the girls were born, so we decided to do them as well as Fletcher.  Better late than never after all!

My in-laws generously offered to buy the children's outfits for the occasion, so me and my mother-in-law, Frances, went shopping for them.  We went to Hudson Belk's first, thinking they would have everything we needed.  They had the perfect white dresses for the girls, but the outfits they had for baby boys were more casual than I wanted.  I had envisioned a long white gown.  So we went to another store.... 

 The girls in their matching dresses.

Long story short, NOBODY carries gowns for boys anymore and the ones for girls are short and too girlie.  The only way to get a dedication/christening gown for a boy is to order it online and they cost upwards of a hundred dollars.  So, of course, I ended up making Fletcher's dedication gown.  I should have done it in the first place as it would have saved me and Frances a LOT of time and trouble.  Plus, it would have given me more time to work on it.  I had to finish this project at the last minute.

I ordered the pattern for the gown online, because I couldn't even find a pattern in a local store, plus I didn't have time for it to ship so luckily it was a print at home pattern.  I used Simplicity 5813.  I think the pattern is really intended for a girl because it comes with a separate pattern for a boys pantsuit.  It really doesn't matter though because the gown is very simple and can be easily embellished to suit a boy or girl. (I have reviewed this pattern briefly at the end of this post.)

I altered the front of the gown to have two tucks and blue buttons down the front to make it more boyish, and I added some blue decorative stitching along the hem and bonnet too.  I used a nice crisp cotton fabric which I thought was more traditional than the satin that most of the dedication outfits I found came in.  Here's the pics I got of the gown and the bonnet.

And here's some pics of us after the dedication.  I wish I had gotten some better pictures, but he was fussy and the girls were cutting up so that didn't happen.   It was a nice ceremony though.  I was really happy with the way our pastor did things and it was nice to have our parents and church family there.


I want to give a brief review of the pattern I used, Simplicity 5813.  I would totally recommend it.  It was easy to assemble the paper pattern and the gown.  Also, the pattern is simple which I feel makes it easy to customize, alter, and embellish if you wish to do so.  I wouldn't recommend this pattern for your first sewing project, but you don't have to be a very experienced sewer to do this project.  

The only beef I had was that I had to download Acrobat PDF reader and you can only print the pattern 2 or 3 three times.  I use a different program to view PDFs and wasn't happy about having to install Acrobat, but it's not that big a deal.  As far as the limited printing, I think if I buy the pattern and I use my paper and my ink to print it I should be able to print it as many times as I want.  So if you plan on using one of Simplicity's downloadable patterns many different times, plan to hold on to the copy you print.  I even plan to keep a copy in tact so that I can trace the pattern in the size I need.  You never know when you might need a pattern again.  Overall, I would still use Simplicity downloadable patterns again though.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Diaper Stacker and Mobile

Last week I finally finished making the diaper stacker and the mobile for baby Fletcher's crib! (I've already made bumper pads and posted about them here.) I'm really happy with the mobile, the diaper stacker is okay. It was more difficult to figure out than I expected, and it didn't come out perfect, but it's good enough. I don't usually settle for good enough when I make something, but I am just so glad to be done with it that good enough is fine. I might add a red bow to the top though. I think it would tie it in with the bumper pads better and give it a more finished look.

I used an old diaper stacker I was given as the pattern for this one, so I had to figure out how to put it back together on my own. I know how to do it now, but I have no reason to make another one. lol You can't see it in the picture, but I used the same fabric on the sides of the stacker as I used for the outside of the bumper pads and I used a navy blue fabric for the back and bottom. (The navy blue fabric I also used for some crib sheets, I didn't just randomly throw it in there.)

Here's the mobile hanging over the crib.

Here's a closeup of the robots, spaceship, and flying saucer.

I made these almost entirely by hand (something I don't do often) so they took a while. It was so rewarding to see them hung up!

I used the inside of a wooden embroidery hoop for the frame and just painted it silver. The pieces are attached to the hoop with thin chain and screw eyes, and I used heavier chain from the hardware to hang it all with.

Fletcher noticed it right away and even smiled at it. I'm so glad that he likes it, cause that's the whole point anyway!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bumper Pads

*Edit: Click here to read about the matching diaper stacker and mobile I made.

This project is a long time in the making. During my pregnancy I decided that I wanted to make my own crib bedding. There were a few reasons for this, the biggest being that the crib is in the living room and I didn't want overly babyish bedding in there. I also wanted something that wouldn't clash with the rest of the room, so all the jungle themed boy's bedding was out!

Another reason is that we got a mini-crib. That means that any bedding would have to be bought online and from what I saw it all cost more than the standard sets. (I am in LOVE with this mini-crib by the way, but that's a whole other post!)

Then there's the fact that I just don't like any of the boys bedding anyway, and this is the perfect reason to SEW! :)

Since our walls are a kind of robin's egg blue and I have a bit of a retro theme in the adjoining kitchen, I decided to go with a robot theme. But not just any robots, they had to have a retro feel and the colors had to be either red, blue or both to go with the room. I had the whole thing envisioned in my mind and thought I would have no problem finding the perfect fabric. I was wrong.

There were robot fabrics, but none that had the retro feel and the colors I wanted. I finally found the perfect fabric on Etsy, but the seller only had fat quarters and I needed yardage. Luckily, since the seller designed the fabric herself, she was able to order more. I loved it so much that I ordered three yards.

Unfortunately I didn't find the fabric until near the end of my pregnancy and by the time I was able to buy it Fletcher was already here. I don't guess it's that big of a deal though, he's not even sleeping in the crib at night yet. Anyway, I've only got the bumper pads made now and I'm going to start on the diaper stacker tonight. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to make a quilt too, but I'm still deciding on how I want to do that.

I used bumper pad foam from A.C. Moore that was already cut to the standard crib measurements. However, since our crib is smaller I had to cut the pads down to fit. Also, the pattern that came with the pads has each pad covered individually and tied together onto the crib. I decided to make one long piece like the store bought ones though. It was pretty simple to make, the only problem I had is when I made a mistake and used the wrong measurement for the end pieces. It was a rookie mistake that set me back a few hours. I was pretty upset, but I'm glad how things turned out in the end, just the way I had envisioned it!

P.S. Here's a close up of the outer contrast fabric. It took me a while to find something to go with the robot fabric, and I wasn't 100% on this, but once I saw it all sewn up I knew I made the right choice.

P. S. S. Here's a link the the Etsy shop that I bought the fabric from. She offers this fabric in two color schemes and also has some original artwork for sale. Check her out! Luck Times Four

Friday, February 24, 2012

Stationary card

Picture Him Birth Announcement
View the entire collection of cards.

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Arival!


Fletcher Devon
Born February 7, 2012
Weighing 8lbs 1oz
Measuring 20 1/4 inches

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Burp Cloths

These burp cloths were a long time in the making! I came up with the idea for them when Meadow was a baby (4+ years ago!). I was just learning to sew good then and by the time I figured out how to make these I didn't need them anymore. Finally, they are a reality though.

They are basically one layer of terry cloth with a cotton accent fabric on one side. The bottom is folded up to form a pocket to catch runny messes. The terry cloth is nice and thick and the cotton gives some added protection from wet messes as well as being cute.

When Meadow was little she would spit up so bad that it would run down my back. This was a nightmare at nighttime feedings because I would be sitting on my bed and the sheets would get soaked. I had to sleep on towels more times than I care to remember! That's when I went in search of burp cloths like this only to find that they didn't exist. Plus, all the burp cloths I had with her were very thin. They would get soaked through instantly, which didn't do much to protect my clothes. They were all made of french terry or birdseye weave cotton which is good for wiping baby's mouth, but not for catching spit-up.

All the cotton fabric is either scraps from past projects or re-purposed fabric from sheets and pillow cases and I've hung on to the terry cloth since Meadow was little. So I didn't actually have to buy anything but the bias tape. I don't know if this baby is gonna be a big spitter, but if he is I'm prepared!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meadow's New Hat

Recently I was asked to make a hat for someone. I finished it yesterday and decided to take a few pics of it. (I take pics of most things I make, just to keep track of what I've done if nothing else.) Well, Meadow became fascinated with this hat and wouldn't even let me photograph it without her holding it.

So after our photo shoot she asked me to make her a hat but with "lots and lots of colors". She said it didn't have to be the same style either. I didn't want to make her a winter hat because I'd made her one for Christmas and it's hardly been cold enough here to even wear that one. I don't have a lot of multi-colored yarn lying around either. So I decided to make her a hat for spring. The only really colorful yarn I had was cotton anyway, so it worked out great. In fact, it worked out so great I wish I had written down a pattern for what I did so I can repeat it. Anyway, the important thing is that she not only looks adorable in it, but she loves it too!

P.S. If I ever get around to figuring out the pattern I'll share it on here. I'm not promising anything though!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yeah, I'm actually happy about diapers. I haven't had a baby in over 4 years, so even diapers are something I'm looking forward to. That's probably because I'm using cloth diapers though, and the best part is I get to sew them. Most of you probably think I've lost my mind now, it's ok, I understand. lol Before I keep rambling let me show you the diaper covers I made this week!

Aren't they adorable!?! I'm really excited this go around because I know so much more about cloth diapers than I did with Meadow. I was learning about them constantly when she was a baby. Also, there are even more choices out there now than there were even then. Like for one, you can buy a lot of the supplies at Joann's now. When Meadow was a baby I made most of her diapers out of flannel and fleece because that's all Joann's had. Now they actually have a line of pul (a waterproof fabric) with coordinating snaps, elastic, velcro, etc. I was thrilled to find this out! You use to have to order pul off of the internet and ditto with the snaps.

Check out these monsters and dinosaurs, LOVE em!

Anyway, last weekend me and Jason went to Joann's and I got some pul fabric, the snaps pliers, and a bag of snaps. They have pattern books too, but I didn't get that. I'm pretty sure everything in there is offered for free on the internet. I know diaper patterns are. I used the free one from Wazoodle to make these covers. Obviously I don't have a baby to try them out on yet, but I'm very pleased with how they came out.

I got the pre-cut fabric on sale for around $8 and I got 6 small diaper covers out of it. I think that's a pretty good value, but I will probably still order most of my pul of the internet. There are still better prices and selection online. I'm also happy with the snaps. They went on much easier than the old metal ones I use to use, plus the snap pliers were on sale too. You use to need a snap press to put on nice snaps like these (something I could never afford at around $70).

So yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to making lots more diapers in the future, hopefully I'll even get back into selling some! :)