Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meadow's New Hat

Recently I was asked to make a hat for someone. I finished it yesterday and decided to take a few pics of it. (I take pics of most things I make, just to keep track of what I've done if nothing else.) Well, Meadow became fascinated with this hat and wouldn't even let me photograph it without her holding it.

So after our photo shoot she asked me to make her a hat but with "lots and lots of colors". She said it didn't have to be the same style either. I didn't want to make her a winter hat because I'd made her one for Christmas and it's hardly been cold enough here to even wear that one. I don't have a lot of multi-colored yarn lying around either. So I decided to make her a hat for spring. The only really colorful yarn I had was cotton anyway, so it worked out great. In fact, it worked out so great I wish I had written down a pattern for what I did so I can repeat it. Anyway, the important thing is that she not only looks adorable in it, but she loves it too!

P.S. If I ever get around to figuring out the pattern I'll share it on here. I'm not promising anything though!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yeah, I'm actually happy about diapers. I haven't had a baby in over 4 years, so even diapers are something I'm looking forward to. That's probably because I'm using cloth diapers though, and the best part is I get to sew them. Most of you probably think I've lost my mind now, it's ok, I understand. lol Before I keep rambling let me show you the diaper covers I made this week!

Aren't they adorable!?! I'm really excited this go around because I know so much more about cloth diapers than I did with Meadow. I was learning about them constantly when she was a baby. Also, there are even more choices out there now than there were even then. Like for one, you can buy a lot of the supplies at Joann's now. When Meadow was a baby I made most of her diapers out of flannel and fleece because that's all Joann's had. Now they actually have a line of pul (a waterproof fabric) with coordinating snaps, elastic, velcro, etc. I was thrilled to find this out! You use to have to order pul off of the internet and ditto with the snaps.

Check out these monsters and dinosaurs, LOVE em!

Anyway, last weekend me and Jason went to Joann's and I got some pul fabric, the snaps pliers, and a bag of snaps. They have pattern books too, but I didn't get that. I'm pretty sure everything in there is offered for free on the internet. I know diaper patterns are. I used the free one from Wazoodle to make these covers. Obviously I don't have a baby to try them out on yet, but I'm very pleased with how they came out.

I got the pre-cut fabric on sale for around $8 and I got 6 small diaper covers out of it. I think that's a pretty good value, but I will probably still order most of my pul of the internet. There are still better prices and selection online. I'm also happy with the snaps. They went on much easier than the old metal ones I use to use, plus the snap pliers were on sale too. You use to need a snap press to put on nice snaps like these (something I could never afford at around $70).

So yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to making lots more diapers in the future, hopefully I'll even get back into selling some! :)