Sunday, February 5, 2012

Burp Cloths

These burp cloths were a long time in the making! I came up with the idea for them when Meadow was a baby (4+ years ago!). I was just learning to sew good then and by the time I figured out how to make these I didn't need them anymore. Finally, they are a reality though.

They are basically one layer of terry cloth with a cotton accent fabric on one side. The bottom is folded up to form a pocket to catch runny messes. The terry cloth is nice and thick and the cotton gives some added protection from wet messes as well as being cute.

When Meadow was little she would spit up so bad that it would run down my back. This was a nightmare at nighttime feedings because I would be sitting on my bed and the sheets would get soaked. I had to sleep on towels more times than I care to remember! That's when I went in search of burp cloths like this only to find that they didn't exist. Plus, all the burp cloths I had with her were very thin. They would get soaked through instantly, which didn't do much to protect my clothes. They were all made of french terry or birdseye weave cotton which is good for wiping baby's mouth, but not for catching spit-up.

All the cotton fabric is either scraps from past projects or re-purposed fabric from sheets and pillow cases and I've hung on to the terry cloth since Meadow was little. So I didn't actually have to buy anything but the bias tape. I don't know if this baby is gonna be a big spitter, but if he is I'm prepared!

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