Friday, March 23, 2012

Bumper Pads

*Edit: Click here to read about the matching diaper stacker and mobile I made.

This project is a long time in the making. During my pregnancy I decided that I wanted to make my own crib bedding. There were a few reasons for this, the biggest being that the crib is in the living room and I didn't want overly babyish bedding in there. I also wanted something that wouldn't clash with the rest of the room, so all the jungle themed boy's bedding was out!

Another reason is that we got a mini-crib. That means that any bedding would have to be bought online and from what I saw it all cost more than the standard sets. (I am in LOVE with this mini-crib by the way, but that's a whole other post!)

Then there's the fact that I just don't like any of the boys bedding anyway, and this is the perfect reason to SEW! :)

Since our walls are a kind of robin's egg blue and I have a bit of a retro theme in the adjoining kitchen, I decided to go with a robot theme. But not just any robots, they had to have a retro feel and the colors had to be either red, blue or both to go with the room. I had the whole thing envisioned in my mind and thought I would have no problem finding the perfect fabric. I was wrong.

There were robot fabrics, but none that had the retro feel and the colors I wanted. I finally found the perfect fabric on Etsy, but the seller only had fat quarters and I needed yardage. Luckily, since the seller designed the fabric herself, she was able to order more. I loved it so much that I ordered three yards.

Unfortunately I didn't find the fabric until near the end of my pregnancy and by the time I was able to buy it Fletcher was already here. I don't guess it's that big of a deal though, he's not even sleeping in the crib at night yet. Anyway, I've only got the bumper pads made now and I'm going to start on the diaper stacker tonight. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to make a quilt too, but I'm still deciding on how I want to do that.

I used bumper pad foam from A.C. Moore that was already cut to the standard crib measurements. However, since our crib is smaller I had to cut the pads down to fit. Also, the pattern that came with the pads has each pad covered individually and tied together onto the crib. I decided to make one long piece like the store bought ones though. It was pretty simple to make, the only problem I had is when I made a mistake and used the wrong measurement for the end pieces. It was a rookie mistake that set me back a few hours. I was pretty upset, but I'm glad how things turned out in the end, just the way I had envisioned it!

P.S. Here's a close up of the outer contrast fabric. It took me a while to find something to go with the robot fabric, and I wasn't 100% on this, but once I saw it all sewn up I knew I made the right choice.

P. S. S. Here's a link the the Etsy shop that I bought the fabric from. She offers this fabric in two color schemes and also has some original artwork for sale. Check her out! Luck Times Four