Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dedication and Simplicity 5813 Review

About a month or so ago me and Jason had the children dedicated to the Lord.  We were not in church when the girls were born, so we decided to do them as well as Fletcher.  Better late than never after all!

My in-laws generously offered to buy the children's outfits for the occasion, so me and my mother-in-law, Frances, went shopping for them.  We went to Hudson Belk's first, thinking they would have everything we needed.  They had the perfect white dresses for the girls, but the outfits they had for baby boys were more casual than I wanted.  I had envisioned a long white gown.  So we went to another store.... 

 The girls in their matching dresses.

Long story short, NOBODY carries gowns for boys anymore and the ones for girls are short and too girlie.  The only way to get a dedication/christening gown for a boy is to order it online and they cost upwards of a hundred dollars.  So, of course, I ended up making Fletcher's dedication gown.  I should have done it in the first place as it would have saved me and Frances a LOT of time and trouble.  Plus, it would have given me more time to work on it.  I had to finish this project at the last minute.

I ordered the pattern for the gown online, because I couldn't even find a pattern in a local store, plus I didn't have time for it to ship so luckily it was a print at home pattern.  I used Simplicity 5813.  I think the pattern is really intended for a girl because it comes with a separate pattern for a boys pantsuit.  It really doesn't matter though because the gown is very simple and can be easily embellished to suit a boy or girl. (I have reviewed this pattern briefly at the end of this post.)

I altered the front of the gown to have two tucks and blue buttons down the front to make it more boyish, and I added some blue decorative stitching along the hem and bonnet too.  I used a nice crisp cotton fabric which I thought was more traditional than the satin that most of the dedication outfits I found came in.  Here's the pics I got of the gown and the bonnet.

And here's some pics of us after the dedication.  I wish I had gotten some better pictures, but he was fussy and the girls were cutting up so that didn't happen.   It was a nice ceremony though.  I was really happy with the way our pastor did things and it was nice to have our parents and church family there.


I want to give a brief review of the pattern I used, Simplicity 5813.  I would totally recommend it.  It was easy to assemble the paper pattern and the gown.  Also, the pattern is simple which I feel makes it easy to customize, alter, and embellish if you wish to do so.  I wouldn't recommend this pattern for your first sewing project, but you don't have to be a very experienced sewer to do this project.  

The only beef I had was that I had to download Acrobat PDF reader and you can only print the pattern 2 or 3 three times.  I use a different program to view PDFs and wasn't happy about having to install Acrobat, but it's not that big a deal.  As far as the limited printing, I think if I buy the pattern and I use my paper and my ink to print it I should be able to print it as many times as I want.  So if you plan on using one of Simplicity's downloadable patterns many different times, plan to hold on to the copy you print.  I even plan to keep a copy in tact so that I can trace the pattern in the size I need.  You never know when you might need a pattern again.  Overall, I would still use Simplicity downloadable patterns again though.

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