Monday, December 30, 2013

Recipe Binder

A little while ago I saw a really great set of free printables on Pinterest.  It was all stuff to make your own home organizer binder.  I've seen stuff like that before, but they usually don't have all the pages I would need, or I just don't like the style.  This set I fell in love with.  It's cute and has TONS of pages to print.  You can find the set I'm talking about here.

After putting together the binder for our home I decided it was high time I fix a decent binder for my recipes too.  I have a binder I put together years ago, but it's in pretty bad shape.  It's just notebook paper I wrote recipes on and over the years it hasn't held up so well.

So, using paint and gimp I came up with blank recipe pages.  I can still have my handwritten recipes, but they will be on pretty paper.  Plus, to protect them I can put them in plastic page protectors. I also made a cover page for the outside of the binder and a menu page for the inside so I can list all my recipes for quick reference.  My kitchen is blue and red with cherries, so I made the recipe binder to match.  The cover page is at the top and the rest of the pages are below.  There are two different recipe pages.  One has two recipe "cards" on one page and the other is a full page for longer recipes.  Feel free to save them to your computer and print as many as you like. Just click on the links under the images to go to Google Drive. Once there click on the arrow in the top left hand corner to download.  Good luck with your home organizing and God bless!

Download Link
Download Link

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