Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Card Table Makeover

Hi!  I promised last week on Facebook to put together a tutorial for my card table makeover and here it is!  I am so happy with the way this project turned out!  I love card tables.  They are great in a small place because you can just fold the legs in and tuck it away somewhere.

I have been wanting one for a while but don't usually have $30+ dollars to spend on one.  Plus, they are usually kinda plain.  So, I've been on the lookout at thrift stores.  My patience finally paid off a couple weeks ago when I found this one for just 13 bucks!  It was in rough shape, but that was fine with me because I wanted to make it over anyway. :)

What you'll need:
card table
phillip's head and/or flat head screw driver
staple gun with 1/4" staples
material of your choice at least as big as your table top plus 2 inches on all sides (about 36"x36")
spray paint in color of your choice

I didn't get a before picture with the legs extended, but you can see that the cover was pretty beat up.  That's not a problem, but you don't want a table where the "bones" of the table are bad.  If the top is broken or the metal frame is bent out of shape or non-functioning it's better to pass on the table.  The money and effort to fix it may well outweigh buying a new table.  (They aren't THAT expensive, I'm just cheap!lol)

If you lay the table face down on the floor you will see these little brackets around the inside edge.  These are what hold the top of the table to the metal frame.  Remove these screws and set them aside somewhere they won't get lost.  Then you can remove the metal frame.

I opened my metal frame and then cleaned and spray painted it.  I did this after re-covering my top only because it was raining when I re-covered the top.  You might like to do this step first so your paint can start drying while you work on the top.

I made this picture large so you could see the staples holding down the vinyl cover.  These have to be removed to take off the old cover.  I was able to pull all of mine out by simply pulling the vinyl fabric, but a flat head screw driver would probably work better.  Just be sure you don't gouge the screw driver into the table top itself.  It is only thin press board stuff so you can damage it easily.  Do this step in an area where you can easily clean up the staples.  You don't want to step on them later!

I used a tablecloth from Dollar General to cover my table.  It's not as thick as the vinyl material that was originally on the table, but I'm ok with that.  If you prefer something thicker Jo-Ann's sells vinyl by the yard, as does many other fabric stores.  You could also use clear vinyl over another fabric of your choice.  There are lots of possibilities!  My table cloth was 52 in by 70 in and I had plenty of material left over.  If the vinyl on your table is intact you may want to just cover it with a pretty fabric.  In that case you could skip removing the old vinyl and just use a thin material to keep the top from becoming too bulky.

Spread your material face down on the floor and then lay your table top face down on top of that.  Doing your best to keep your fabric pulled taught and wrinkle free fold the material over the edge of the table top and staple down.  You will want to use a staple gun (not an office stapler like me lol).  I did not have staples short enough to staple into the table top without going through, so I used an office stapler to make do until I could get to the hardware store.  This resulted in LOTS of bent staples though! Work on one side and then do the side opposite, don't work around the table as that will make  it harder to keep the top wrinkle free.  Also, leave the corners for last.

Please do not judge my 20 year old carpet, that is a project for another day! lol
After stapling all the edges down trim your material.  If you've already painted your frame, make sure it's dry and then re-attach the top.  If you haven't painted it yet do that now.

Now go and enjoy your awesome new card table!  If you try this let me know.  I'd love to see all the different twist on this idea!

Hope you have a great week and God bless!
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