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Halloweens Past

So, I don’t get all in to Halloween like many people do.  We don’t do witches or ghosts or ghouls, but we DO do costumes!  It is something that I love!  I don’t think I’m going to dress up this year, but I’m excited about the kids’ costumes.

I never like to post our costumes until after Halloween because I want them to be a surprise, but I thought I’d share some costumes from past years since some of you might like some last minute ideas.  So, here they are!


2013-10-31 18.11.02

A pirate.  This one is pretty easy. A red bandana, a white t-shirt cut on the sleeves and hem to make it look ragged, a red scrap of fabric tied around the waist, and a clip on earring.  I cut the hoop earring from a cereal box, painted it gold and attached it to a clip on earring with a jump ring.  Bonus, she got to wear eye liner which made her day! lol
2013-10-31 18.30.55

Little Red Riding Hood.  Not the best picture of the costume, but pretty much a red hooded cape is all that is needed.  I had a red dress and a white apron I made for her to wear, but when it came time to get dressed she would only wear the cape.  I will say, she STILL wears this cape!  The cape was super easy to make and there are tutorials all over the internet.  I may make a tutorial one day…
2013-11-02 16.10.38

Alice in Wonderland and…
2013-11-02 16.14.51

The White Rabbit.  For Alice I made a blue dress and a white apron form sheets I got at Walmart.  They are cheap and great for costumes!  For the Rabbit, I made a black vest (there’s a “pocket watch” attached too, but it’s hard to see in the picture) and he wore a white one piece sweat suit I ordered from Dharma Trading.  They have a great selection of clothing that can be worn white or dyed.  I just picked up the ears somewhere, and made a big white pom pom that I sewed on his backside for a tail. 
**Bonus** We had trunk or treat at our church that year.  I decorated the back of the car with playing cards, road signs (“this way” “that way” etc.) white roses that had been partially painted red, and a foam core board in the back with a very tiny door.  I had croquet for the kids to play and instead of candy handed out Little Debbie cakes and Kool Aid bottles with the labels “eat me” and “drink me” on them.

Princesses.  These may be the only costumes I ever bought a pattern for. The good thing about costumes is you can skip some of the steps you would normally take in sewing.  For example, I didn’t line these dresses, and I think I just over cast all the raw edges.  If this was real formal wear it would’ve been more work, but these went together pretty quick.  Plus, I got the fabric with coupons from Joann’s so they didn’t break the bank either.  I turned out cold so the girls had to wear shirts under their dresses, but they still loved them!

Popeye, Olive Oyle, and Sweet Pea.  I ran out of time before I got to make the muscles for Popeye, but this was still fun.  It’s also the last time Jason dressed up for Halloween (the only time since I’ve known him), and will probably be the last. lol  He’s not quite as into it as I am!

Unicorn and Dinosaur.  This was the year I was pregnant with Fletcher, so I didn’t put a lot of effort into the girls’ costumes.  In fact, Meadow’s was bought at the thrift store for so cheap it made more sense not to make it.  Becca-Lynn’s was made by pulling small lengths of yarn through the hood with a tapestry needle and tying a knot on the end inside of the hood to make the mane.  I made the tail the same way and made a paper cone for her horn.  After Halloween we took the tail off the hoodie and she wore it with the mane for a couple of years.  Apparently it was pretty popular at school too!
Caterpillar and Butterfly.  I got the solid black outfit and Meadow’s brown and green outfit from Target.  That was the only place that year I could find solid color clothes.  I made Becca-Lynn’s wings by tracing the shape I wanted directly onto the fabric, cutting it out and doing a zig-zag stich all the way around.  I then hand stitched the wings to the ends of her sleeves and the back of her shirt.  She liked this because the wings moved with her as opposed to the stiffer wings you buy in the store.  Her antennae are just thick fuzzy pipe cleaners on a headband.  The caterpillar is basically a long pillow made out of green fleece and sewn to a matching vest.  I made a few gathers to make the “caterpillar” look segmented.  For the hat I made a rectangular tobogan from the same green fleece and tied the top corners.

Mother Nature and Fairies.  I didn’t make the girls’ costumes that year.  We found fairy accessories at Roses, a local discount store, for just $5 a set and they paired them with their bathing suits from that Summer.  For mother nature I just made a toga from a cheap brown sheet I also found at Roses.  I bought some fake ivy and sewed it around the toga and made a crown out of fake daisies.  The belt is just braided hemp tied around my waist.

mama's princesslet's go!
trick or treat

Princess.  So, Becca-Lynn has been a princess twice.  I made this dress from an old skirt I had.  It’s funny, because the skirt had been my mom’s when I was a kid and I actually used it in a costume for myself.  I dressed as Jezebel and won first prize in a costume contest!  Anyway, the dress was just a tube, gathered with elastic at the top and around her chest with straps added.  I also made her a shawl out of white knit material which was just a triangle as far as I can remember.  This was Meadow’s first Halloween and I just made her a headband with some scrap knit material.

There was also a year where the girls dressed as Dalmations, but I cannot find the pictures.  Pretty much they wore white sweats and I used fusible web and black felt to make iron-on spots.  They also had headbands with floppy spotted ears and I painted their faces like puppies.  It’s gonna drive me crazy until I find those pictures!

So, I hope this gives you some ideas for costumes.  If not, I hope you at least enjoyed going down memory lane with me. lol  For fun, I’m going to be posting picture hints of the kids’ costumes on my facebook page this week.  Check it out here and be sure to like my page so you can see when I post new blog entries.  Also, if you make one of these costumes let me know!  I’d love to see what you come up with!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

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