Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Hi!  It's Christmas Eve and the last thing I have time for is blogging, but here I am anyway. :)  I made some last minute goodies last night and thought they'd make for a good last minute Christmas post.  I made granola and sugar scrubs.  They are both insanely easy and make nice gifts.  (Please excuse the not-so-great pic, we have had rain for DAYS and there was no hope of natural sunlight for this pic.)

The granola recipe is not my own, I used the one found here.  I tripled the recipe to get the amount pictured, which took 9 cups of oats.  The only thing I changed in the recipe is I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil.  I have tried both and not only is olive oil healthier, the granola came out better tasting using it.  I always leave out additions to my granola.  That way you can add whatever you want each time you eat it.  This recipe is so good we usually don't add anything anyway!  For gifting just package the granola into mason jars and tie with a pretty bow.

The sugar scrub recipe is not exact.  I started out with 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup olive oil.  I wanted to package this in small jelly jars, but this amount didn't fill the jars enough for my liking.  So, I added about 2 tablespoons of sugar and poured in about 1 tablespoon more of oil.  I scented all but one of these with pumpkin spice, for which I used 1 tablespoon of.  For myself, I used peppermint oil.  I love peppermint sugar scrub!  I mixed these right in the jelly jars.  I am going to add ribbon and a label to them and let the kids give them as gifts. (They did help make them, and by help I mean spill sugar all over the floor! lol)

I hope this helps with some last minute gifts, but don't stress too much about presents.  Remember, JESUS is the reason for the season!  God Bless, and Merry Christmas!


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