Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Brand New Year!

Hey y'all!  I hope everyone is having a great new year!  I am really excited.  I have posted before that I don't really believe in new year's resolutions.  That's because I believe anytime is the right time to make a change, no need to wait till the new year.  But, if you find yourself in need of a change at the new year, then go ahead and make it happen.

I have found myself really motivated by the new year and have set some goals for myself.  I think it is in part by the fact that I'll be 30 at the end of this month.  There are so many things I thought I would have done by now that I haven't.  One thing I've been working on the last couple of weeks is to get more organized.  So far it's going pretty well.  I re-organized my bathroom last week.  It was pretty simple with a few things I picked up at Dollar Tree.  I wasn't planning on blogging it, so the pictures are not good at all.  I decided I want to share though!

 Folks, that is a genuine 1990 mobile home bathroom you're looking at, complete with plastic sinks. lol  This bathroom needs much more than organizing, but for now, I'm organizing.

The first step was to just get out everything that didn't belong and to throw out trash.

These pics are kinda embarrassing, but that's really what it looked like.  I could have just cleaned it up for the millionth time, but I wanted to encourage me and Jason to not let it get like this again.

Here are the afters:

Here I used a tray to coral things we use when brushing our teeth.  The stuff has always belonged in this spot, but it didn't always get put back.  Also, we had those plastic bags of floss picks that always looked messy.  They are now kept in the white basket in the middle.

This side didn't change much.  I did have some homemade body powder I had been keeping in a mason jar here.  I love mason jars as much as anybody, but it looked out of place here.  I found the glass container in the center at D T to keep it in instead.  It also has a wider opening to better accommodate a powder puff.

I think this may be my favorite change!  We have always kept small things on this shelf in a set of little cream and sugar dishes.  I found these little metal buckets in the wedding section of D T and they fit perfectly.  This shelf is so much neater looking now!

This side still needs some work.  I saw a glass decanter in a catalog somewhere (Harriett Carter?)  that I would like to get for the mouthwash and I think it is time to replace the plastic Easter basket for my hair care items.  Still, it looks much better tidied up.

Here's what I bought at Dollar Tree:

I didn't use the two round trays or the candle sticks in the bathroom. That was a plan that didn't work out....

This is the metal basket I used for the floss picks (which I also get at D T).  It is actually a candle holder.  I wanted to buy like ten of these, but since I didn't even know what I was going to do with the one, I controlled myself.  These come in black too btw.  I think I'll go back soon and get a few more.  I'm getting lots of ideas for these, plus they could be spray painted to match anything.

So there's one project off my list.  Do y'all have any new goals or resolutions?  Let me know in the comments.  Hope you all have a great week and God bless!



  1. There are many good ideas to follow in this post. I like the way you think.

  2. Thanks for your comment! This was my only post last year, but it was the start of a much bigger renovation. I hope to have time to share some of the changes I made now that things have settled down. Hope you have a great New Year!

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