Friday, April 22, 2016

My New Blue Freezer!

Hey y'all!

I hope everyone has had a great week!  I have a project to share with you that I am SUPER excited about, my new freezer!

I've wanted a deep freezer for a looong time, but in the trailer there just wasn't the room for one.  So when we moved, a freezer was at the top of my wish list!  Me and Jason had been debating our options for a couple of months, when our new neighbors offered to give us their old one for free!  I couldn't believe our luck!

Here's the finished product.  Keep reading to see how we ended up with a blue freezer!

This is what the freezer looked like when we got it.  It's an older Kenmore, which is great.  I've always had good luck with Kenmore appliances.  All that was really needed was to clean her up and caulk the inside.  There were some small cracks in the corners and we wanted to seal them up to make sure we weren't losing cold air or leaking any moisture to the underside of the freezer.

We didn't get to work right away, because we couldn't agree where to put her.  I thought the barn was probably best, but Jason said it would get too hot in the summer and the freezer would either have to work too hard to stay cold, or just wouldn't be able to stay cold enough.  He insisted it go in the kitchen.  We had the perfect spot for it in the kitchen, but I had wanted to put some kind of hutch or china cabinet in that spot.

So, I took my time and pondered over it.  This was not easy for me, I'm the kind of person who wants to do everything NOW, but I'm glad I was patient.  I knew Jason was probably right (but don't tell him I said so!), plus, it would be more convenient to have the freezer in the kitchen.  I wanted some kind of concession to make up for the loss of a hutch though.  Luckily I remembered in the back of my mind seeing a fridge someone had painted and started researching painting appliances.  It seemed pretty straight forward, so all I had to do was pick the color.  I quickly decided on a light turquoise blue by Rustoleum.  I love the color and have used it a few times in the past.

I got Jason to clean the freezer good with a degreaser.  I didn't want to mess with any harsh cleaners since I'm pregnant and he agreed.  On one of the few Saturdays that he had off he was kind enough to indulge me and cleaned it up.  I know he thinks my ideas are crazy most of the time, but for the most part he is a good sport!

Next, I got to work sanding.  It wasn't as much work as I expected.  I just had to rough up the surface with a sanding sponge.  You don't have to take it to bare metal, just kinda knock down the shine.  Then I wiped it down with a wet rag and let it dry.

I waited a day for it to dry and then taped off everywhere I didn't want to be blue with painter's tape.

I made sure to tape off the label with the model number and other info.  We may need that info in the future for parts or to look up the manual, so I didn't want to paint over it.

I also made sure to tape over the opening in the back where you access the inner workings of the freezer.  I figured it was probably best paint not get in there.

I don't have a picture of it, but I opened the lid and taped off the seal and the surface where the seal makes contact when closed.  I wanted to make sure no paint got there to interfere with the seal, cause the seal is kinda important in a freezer.

After one can of primer.
Finally on to painting!  I used one can of Rustoleum 2X cover white primer.  I probably should have used more, because one can really didn't cover that well, but I rarely use primer when I spray paint things anyway.  I only used it as an added precaution and honestly the paint itself would have probably done fine without it.  If you're gonna try this out for yourself, and you want to do it the "right" way, buy at least two cans of primer.

The Spray Paint Bandits!
Here's a pic of me and Meadow in our high tech painting masks!  I definitely recommend doing this project in a well ventilated area and using an actual mask.  I had a window open and a fan blowing the paint fumes out of the barn doors, but even with that I would hold my breath, spray as much as I could and run out to take a fresh air break.  It made for a pretty long process.  Meadow got a "mask" but she wasn't actually allowed in the barn while the painting was going on.  I was thankful to have the barn to paint in because we kept getting rain, but spray painting really is best done outside if possible.

I can't remember if I used three or four cans of the blue paint.  I would buy four just to be safe. It definitely didn't take more than that.  I don't remember how many actual coats I did.  I waited about 15-30 minutes or so between coats and just kept going until everything looked good and covered.  Also, you don't have to do too many coats on the back since it won't be seen anyway.  I waited a few hours before removing the tape.  I didn't want to wait too long and chance peeling the paint with the tape.

Everything came out really smooth except the top.  It had a couple of spots that were rough.  It didn't look too bad, but I decided to sand it lightly and do one more coat.  I did this after letting the paint cure for a few days since there were already several coats of paint on the top.  I'm glad I took this extra step; it's as smooth as glass now.

This wasn't a difficult project, but if you have never spray painted I would suggest practicing on something smaller to start out.  You definitely want to do this in multiple light coats.  It will be very streaked looking at first and you may be tempted to cover the whole thing in one pass, but you are very likely to get drips and runs in the paint if you do.  I have learned lots about spray painting over the years just from trial and error, but instead of covering that here I recommend you check out this article.  I came across it last week and I think she does a great job covering the ins and outs of spray painting.  You should definitely read it if you are new to spray paint!

So, I finally have my new freezer in my kitchen and I couldn't be happier!  It makes a nice statement piece without being too over the top, and you know what?  I like it even better than I would have a hutch.  I plan to put some shelves above it eventually to hold my collection of kitchen wares and I think that will end up being a much better way to display my pieces than a hutch anyway.  I love it when your plans change and end up working out better than you had hoped.  It's such a nice surprise!

Here it is again, all painted and sitting in the kitchen.

And here is a pic of the inside stocked up with room for more!

I found the pink and green stacking baskets at Dollar Tree.  I didn't even know they stacked when I bought them.  I just wanted cheap baskets to organize the freezer.  I think they are a seasonal offering, so if you want to pick some up for yourself I'd get them now before they are gone.  I might pick up one or two more myself.

So, what do y'all think?  Would you ever paint your freezer and if so what color would you go with?  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope y'all have an amazing weekend and God bless!


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