Friday, April 8, 2016

Our Newest Family Member

Hey y'all!

I hope everyone has had a great week!  Monday I officially announced on here our upcoming baby!  I had wrongly titled that post Our Newest Family Member  when, either way you look at it, this is our newest family member.

I'd like y'all to meet Sadie.  At least this was Sadie at the end of February when Jason brought her home.  She has definitely grown in the little more than a month that we've had her.

First, I will address the obvious.  Yes, I actually adopted a puppy while 6 months pregnant.  Yes, that was not the wisest decision.  It was not deliberate, however.  

Jason found her on a job site in the middle of nowhere.  It was cold and starting to rain.  I told him to not dare bring her home, but what can I say, he has a heart.  I'm glad he didn't listen.  I tried and failed to find her owner, so I decided to keep her.

We have waited for years to get a dog because we didn't have the room for one and couldn't financially afford the responsibility.  We had always told the kids we would get a dog when we moved, but then we found out I was pregnant and we didn't keep our word.

First Bath
She is a really good dog and smart.  The only issue is play biting, but that won't last forever. (thankfully!)  The house training can be exhausting at times, but honestly she has been good for me.  She is getting me up and out way more than I would have been otherwise.  This pregnancy has been miserable physically, so I need something to make me get outside walking around.  I also have insomnia most nights anyway, so getting up with her at night hasn't even been that bad.

She has definitely grown!

I'm totally in love with her.  She is beautiful and smart and just what I always wanted in a dog.  I like large breed dogs, and the vet said she will be large.  She is a mixed breed, which I actually prefer too, and we're pretty sure she has some type of shepherd in her.  I have always loved Australian Shepherds since having one for a short time as a child.  I truly believe the Lord sent her to us.  The timing is good and she fits with our family perfectly.  I know we will cherish her companionship for years to come!

I hope y'all have a great weekend and God bless!


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