Monday, April 25, 2016

Trailer Remodel: Master Bath

Hey y'all!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I'm back to share my favorite part of our trailer makeover, the master bath!  There is an easy project anyone can do at the end too!

This poor room had been badly neglected.  It was the only room in the house that had never been painted or anything.  I didn't get great before pictures, and it was a hard room to photograph because you entered through french doors right in front of the vanity.  To the left was the shower/bath combo, and to the right was the commode.  These pictures were taken after I had started clearing the room for work.

Vanity mirrors and lights

Shower/bath combo

Shower/bath combo

Medicine cabinet next to vanity

Storage cabinet next to commode/toilet

As you can see, the paper on the wall board is filthy, or at least it looks that way.  I promise I did clean in this house!  Up until about 5 years ago this house was smoked in and it showed, especially on these walls and the ceilings.  Every other room had been painted years before with latex paint and it made cleaning the walls much easier.  In the bathroom though, this paper just seemed to soak it up.  Throw in all that added moisture and humidity, and the absence of an exhaust fan, and that's what the walls looked like.  We had also previously replaced the bottom of the wall board around the commode with sheet rock because of a leak we had.  The commode overflowed, and in the absence of baseboards the wall just soaked it up. At the time we felt this was the best solution.  We never finished it though, so it was left to look like this.  I guess because we were the only ones to really see this room it was last priority on our list of projects.

So, are you ready for the after pictures?

After, vanity mirrors and lights

After, medicine cabinet and towel bar

After, wainscoting around commode
New shower curtain which should be outside of the tub. lol
First, I want to say that the after pictures were taken before I put down a new floor and floor register cover.  The new floor is black and white checker board vinyl.  I think you can still see the huge difference though!

So, here's what I did in this room.  It's almost entirely paint. I primed the walls (twice), the wood strips and "daisies" on the ceiling, and the cabinets.  The walls got two coats of grey acrylic latex paint in a satin finish, and the cabinets and cabinet doors got at least two coats of semi-gloss white paint.  The ceiling got two coats of flat white ceiling paint, and all the hardware got a few coats of metallic spray paint.  My daddy installed wainscoting around the commode and that also got a couple of coats of semi-gloss white paint.

(As a side note, I used acrylic latex paint because that is the only paint I have found that will stick to the wall board in mobile homes.  Most mobile homes use pre-papered wall board in place of sheet rock and the paper will not hold all paints.  Maybe with priming first it would hold, but I just wanted to stick to what I know works.)

Ceiling "Daisy" another eccentricity of mobile homes!

This is the spray paint I used for all of the hardware. I'm talking cabinet door knobs, hinges, and even the screws that went to them, as well as the towel bar and toilet paper holder. I LOVE this stuff!


This is the paint I used for all of the cabinets, wainscoting and trim.  I really don't have a reason for using this particular brand except that it was readily available at Walmart when I started on the bathroom, and then I kinda felt like I should stick with it for uniformity sake in the rest of the house.  It comes in small cans, so it is probably not the most economical choice, but it did cover very well and stretched much farther than I ever expected it too.

One thing I did was to update the light fixtures.  I used an unconventional method that was cheap, easy, and something anyone could do!

Jason is really uncomfortable with me venturing into electrical territory, so he wouldn't let me change out the light fixtures.  In fact, he wouldn't even let me take them down to paint them, which is what I really wanted to do. In the long run this was ok.  I still would have preferred to spray them with my beloved Rustoleum, but I got creative and painted them while they were still up.

You can see how bad a shape they were in.  I couldn't do all this work just to leave those ugly fixtures like that!  I used masking tape to tape off around the fixtures and painted them with glossy black acrylic craft paint.  I used a foam brush which left a nice streak free finish.  I can't believe they turned out so well!  My mom saw the difference and painted the light fixture in her bathroom too.  She took her's down and sprayed it though, which is ideal, but she used a flat black paint.  It gives it a different look, but I love it just the same!

The last thing I did was sew a very simple curtain to finish off the room.  I had this material left from the curtains I made for the living room.  I made it just to the size of the window so it would lay nice and flat with no ruffling.  The window behind is frosted, so the curtain was not necessary for privacy.

And that's it.  I would have loved to change out the commode, bath/shower, sinks, counter, and faucets, but it just wasn't financially viable.  We would have never made enough off the sell of the trailer to justify the expense.  I think the room looks a million times better, though, and it didn't break the bank!

As always, thanks for stopping in, and if you have any questions just leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.  I'd love to hear your comments and feedback too, so don't be shy!  Hopefully I can share more of our remodel with you next week.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Pinterest using the links on the left to stay up to date with new blog posts.  I'm also on Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ too now, just look for Mama Sweettater.

I hope you all have an awesome week and God bless!


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