Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wish Wednesday

Hey y'all!

It's Wednesday again, and I'm back to share some more of my Wish app purchases with you.  These two things are especially special because they are sewing related.  There are a ton of craft supply items on Wish.  I wish I could just buy it all, but alas, I must control myself, even at these prices!

I just want to point out that I am not associated with the Wish app in any way.  I paid for these items and the following opinions are my own.

The first craft item I received were these clips.

I've seen clips like this at Jo-Ann's and online, but being the cheap skate I am have yet to try them.  I thought they would be bigger than they are (although I have no idea why).  They actually are a good size and they seem to be made really well.  You use them in place of pins for sewing, so they don't have to be too big anyway.  They come in sets of 50 and have a few color choices as well.  They are strong and I opened and closed one repeatedly to see if it would fall apart and it didn't. (scientific huh? lol)  The name brand of these sells for about $16 online, but there are cheaper versions around the internet.  These cost $2 plus $1 shipping.  I think $3 is a great buy for these.  If I were a quilter I would buy several sets, but I think 50 will be plenty for me.  (I might buy another set just to get the blue ones too though!)

This is the other sewing item I ordered.

It's a magnetic seam guide.  I LOVE this thing.  Meadow wanted to learn how to sew for her birthday and this actually came in the mail the day before we worked on her project.  It was a huge help in teaching her to control the fabric.  I was concerned that the magnet wouldn't be strong enough and that it would slip around.  That is not a problem.  The magnet is very strong!  The seam guide is even shaped in a way that you can use it with curves by turning it a different way.  The only problem with this thing is... I lost it.  I think I "put it in a safe place" and forgot where that safe place was.  Yeah.  At least at this price I can afford to buy another if it doesn't turn up soon.  With shipping it was only $2.

So, there are two successful Wish purchases.  I'm really not trying to sell these things.  I'm just really happy with them.

Be sure to let me know if you have any favorite purchases from Wish in the comments.  Oh, and be sure to warn me of any bad purchases too! (please and thank you)  Also, leave any questions you have about Wish.  I'm no expert, but I will do the best I can to find you an answer!

Hope you're having a great week!  God bless!


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