Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wish Wednesday

Hey y'all!

It's Wednesday, and as promised I'm back to review some of my Wish app purchases!

These are items I purchased and I did not receive anything to write this review.  I am not affiliated with Wish in any way, and all opinions are my own.  I just want to share my experiences with you. :)

The three items I'll be reviewing today are all sewn items.  One is a dress, then a nursing bra, and last a nursing cover.  I have mixed feelings about these items, as you will see, but overall I am happy.

First up, the dress.  Here is the listing.

So, y'all know I'm pregnant.  I bought this in hopes of wearing it as a maternity top since it would be long enough to cover my big belly and it has a kinda high waist.  I figured whether it worked now or not I could always wear it after the baby comes. (Probably still as a top since it is shorter than I like)  I took the advice in the comments and ordered two sizes up.  Most people seem to complain that clothing items on Wish run too small as they are in Asian sizes and Asians tend to be smaller than most Americans.  The price was $3 with $1 shipping, so $4 total.

So, here's what I got for $4.

It's not too bad.  I wore it on Easter, because honestly it was the dressiest thing I had that will fit, and I even got compliments on it.  It is very thin though.  I took a pic with it hanging in the window to give you an idea.

This isn't a deal breaker for me.  I have made an effort in the past few years to invest in good undergarments, like slips and under shirts, so I just wore an under shirt with it.  I would need a substantial slip to feel comfortable wearing this as a dress though.  But as I mentioned above, it is too short for my tastes, and height, as a dress anyway.  But that is my personal preference.

As for the size, I can usually wear a large in a dress if the skirt is loose like this.  I am pear shaped, so I am more an x-large on the bottom.  Based on reviews saying this ran small and with me being pregnant, I ordered an xx-large.  It fits, but is actually a little on the loose side.  I think I might have been able to go with an x-large, but then again that might have been a little too small.  After the baby comes an x-large will probably be a better fit.

Bottom line, for $4 I will probably buy more of these in other prints.  (yes, they have other prints!)

The second item up is a nursing bra.  I am going to need one anyway, and I usually just buy a bunch of cheap ones at Walmart, so if this turned out bad I figured it wasn't a big loss.  As you can see in the listing it cost $5.  The shipping was $1 making this just $6 total.

I will let Judy model the actual product for you.

So, it looks pretty much just like the picture.  It is much better quality than the nursing bras I have bought from Walmart in the same price range.  So much so that I am still very surprised!  I bought a nice nursing bra when I nursed Fletcher from Motherhood for around $30 and I can honestly say I like this one better.  They are both under wire, which is not something I want to wear all the time but is something I want sometimes.  The fit is pretty much as I remember with the other bra, but I like this material better.  The tag said it is bamboo fiber.  I'm not sure how much of it is, because the rest of the tag was not in English.  It feels pretty much like cotton knit though.  It is also padded which can help hide the outline from nursing pads better than thin nursing bras do.

I am on the fence about the fit though.  I wasn't really sure if I should try to order a size up like I did with the dress, so I just ordered my normal size.  It fits.  In fact I'm wearing it now, but it is a little snug.  One thing I love is that they actually included a bra extender, so there is a lot of flexibility in the band size.  It's tricky buying a nursing bra while you're pregnant.  Some women need a larger cup size once their milk comes in, but in my experience after about the first week I am pretty much back to my normal size.  I'm hoping once I have the baby and any swelling goes down it will be a more comfortable fit.  I will definitely wait till after the baby is born to decide if I will buy more of these or if I should try another size.

As with most things on Wish, though, this was definitely worth trying for the cost.  It's not a complete failure and the quality is great!  Anytime you buy a bra through the mail it can be a gamble, but with Wish I don't consider it a possibility to return something that doesn't fit.  I'm not saying you can't, in fact I believe you can, but for something that came all the way from China and only costs $6, it's not worth it for me to send back.  If you had to try several to get the right size, however, that could get costly and then you don't save money in the long run.  If you typically have trouble getting a good fit in a bra I would skip this.  You would most likely come out better paying a little more for something you can try on and know will fit.

The last item I'll review today is a nursing cover.  It costs $3 with $1 shipping, so total $4.

I ordered the blue with white polka dots.  I am happy I ordered it, but I do not recommend it to others.

Let me explain.  Even after nursing three children, I have never owned a nursing cover.  I have never had much need to nurse in public.  I have always managed to plan my errands around nursing and really don't go out enough for it to be an issue.  I decided to buy one for this baby, but I didn't want to spend much in case it doesn't get much use.  As soon as I opened this I noticed the lack in quality.  I sew, so I saw the short cuts in craftsmanship.  Because I sew, I understand that that's what you get for $4.  For that price I think this will be great for me to keep in the diaper bag on the off chance that I might need it.  Plus, it coordinates nicely with the bags I bought to keep in the diaper bag! ;)

That's why I'm glad I bought it, here is why I don't recommend it.  As I said before, the craftsmanship is lacking.  I expect it in a $4 nursing cover, but that doesn't change the fact that if you threw this in the wash without adding at least a couple of stitches first it would likely fall apart.  Let me show you what I mean.

This is the end of the neck strap.  Not only is the end left unfinished, but the stitching down the side isn't back stitched to lock the stitches in place.  This will cause the end to fray, which isn't the worst thing in the world, but the stitching down the side will come undone too, and that will cause the strap itself to come apart.  I know exactly why they did this, and yes it does save time and cut costs, but if you plan to use this on a regular basis and want to wash it you don't want this.  If you can sew even a little, this is a quick fix.   You can even fix this by hand.  If you don't fix it, then it will just be a nuisance.

Another quality issue is with the D rings on the other neck strap.  They are plastic.  Again, this keeps the cost down and really isn't an issue to me.  If you plan to use this daily I can't help but think of an older baby pulling on the cover and putting repeated stress on these rings.  This might not be an issue, but I just can't say how well they will hold up over time.

The fabric is a lightweight cotton.  Possibly a cotton blend.  I actually like that, but like I said, I won't be using this a lot.  I can almost guarantee this will wrinkle badly in the wash, and it will probably shrink too. 

Which brings my to another issue, it seems too short.  I have nothing to compare the length to, so I may be wrong, but I definitely wouldn't want it to shrink.  It is 21" from top to bottom.  That may be standard for all I know, but I just expected a nursing cover to be longer.  Of course you can adjust it with the neck strap, but if you want a lot of coverage there isn't a lot of room to work with here.

So, for an inexpensive nursing cover to try out it's great.  Especially if you don't know if you will even use it much or to keep as a backup, but for someone who will be getting a lot of use out of a nursing cover I would recommend spending more and getting something that will last.  There are tons of people selling handmade ones on for reasonable prices.  I would definitely encourage you to support a small business owner and possible fellow mom in that way.  Or, if you prefer there are lots of manufactured options as well.  Both the hand made and manufactured covers offer additional options as well.  Lots of them have boning in the front neck area to hold the cover open making it easier to see baby.  Some come with matching carry bags as well, and I'm sure there are all sorts of other options that I am not aware of.

Well, I'm sorry this post got so long.  I wanted to give a thorough, fair review of each item though.  I hope y'all have found it useful.  I addressed everything I could think of, but of course I can't think of everything.  If you have any questions about these items that I didn't cover let me know in the comments.  I'll do the best I can to give you an answer.

I'll review some more items next Wednesday, but I think I'll keep it at two items a week from now on so I don't go so long.  Don't forget to check back in and be sure to share your Wish app experiences in the comments, good or bad!

I hope y'all are having an awesome Wednesday and God bless!


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