Hi!  My name's Jenny but I also go by Mama Sweettater and Swtater123 around the internet.  When me and my husband were dating he told me he loved sweet-potatoes (aka sweettaters here in North Carolina) and said he'd call me Sweettater since he loved me too. :) When I decided to start my Etsy shop and this blog I quickly decided on Mama Sweettater for the name.

I'm a stay at home mom with two girls and a boy.  I have a passion for creating things.  I love to sew and even enjoy making my own patterns when time allows.  I've developed a love for crochet over the last few years since finally getting the hang of it!  I also love woodworking and doing home repairs and renovations, but don't get to do them nearly enough.  Cooking is great, but I can't bake to save my life!  I'm getting into gardening more and more and I'm killing less and less plants too! lol

I like to blog about different things I'm making and doing, but don't get nearly enough time to.  I also had an Etsy shop for a while, but have since decided to let that go.  My dream is to one day make a real business of blogging and crafting, but for now it's just for fun!

If you want, you can contact me at swtater123@yahoo.com or through my Facebook page.

Thanks for your interest and God bless!